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Long Distance Relationships Tips & Tricks

My boyfriend and I met on Instagram in 2014, fell in love in 2015, and are doing our best to stay strong through the start of college in 2017. He lives in Vancouver, BC in Canada, and I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA (about an hour east of LMU). Maintaining a long distance relationship is hard and it’s not for everyone, but it’s worth it if you’re both dedicated to loving each other and putting in the effort to sustain the relationship.

Two years of long distance has been a challenge, but along the way my boyfriend Aidan and I have found many different things to be useful in keeping our relationship strong.


Date Ideas

Cook Together – My boyfriend and I both like to cook, so we asked: why not cook together? We pick the same recipe and make it together over a skype call. Once it’s finished, we have a dinner date and eat what we made together.

Netflix & Chill – Sometimes all you want to do is cuddle up on the couch with your partner and bingewatch Parks and Rec. It’s too hard to try to start our show at the exact same time, with buffering putting our shows out of sync. That is when we found Showgoers. Showgoers is a Chrome extension that creates “watching parties” and syncs up two separate Netflix streams so you and your partner can watch the same thing at the same time!


Gift Ideas

Care Packages – I haven’t sent Aidan one yet, but we decided this summer that we would send each other care packages to get us through school while we wait to see each other again for Christmas. I think it’s such a cute idea to fill a box of goodies for each other. It’s always extra special to receive something from your partner.

“Open When” Letters – You might have seen these on Pinterest and you either think they’re super cute or super cheesy. In reality, they’re actually very fun to make and receive. It’s nice to have a little piece of your partner when you need them the most.


Playlists – My boyfriend and I met because of our music taste and we continue to share our love of music by making playlists for each other! It’s an easy “gift” and depending what songs you put in it, it can be super special.


hi, i'm donna and i have a passion for music, memes, and being creative. i love writing and making playlists for hercampus lmu! 
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