LA Spots That I Guarantee You Haven’t Seen on Instagram 100+ Times

Los Angeles is full of hotspots and hidden gems. While we all know of places like Melrose, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and Abbot Kinney, there are so many that not as many people have been to and posted about over and over again. Being a huge Instagram user, I tend to see the same LA hotspots on my feed again and again. Knowing that the city has more things to offer than the Melrose Trading Post, the pink wall, and Santa Monica Pier (as much as I love all of those), I was inspired to explore some spots that I have yet to try, or see on my Instagram feed 100+ times. I decided to pick a few lesser posted LA spots that I think everyone should check out.


1.The Chateau Marmont


Being the iconic Hollywood spot it is, it surprises me that this place doesn’t pop up more on my Instagram. It’s somewhere almost every LA resident knows about, but few people I know actually go here to enjoy a meal or the beautiful location and scenery. Looking like a castle on a hill and located on Sunset Boulevard, it was a place I always passed by, until finally going in one night with my cousin. Not only does it have an upscale and fancy atmosphere, but it captures so much of old Hollywood in one spot. Quickly, this has become one of my favorite places in LA to get dinner and lounge, while chatting with friends.


2. Museum of Neon Art


Everyone loves a good museum day, but sometimes going to the same museums can get boring and repetitive, no matter how much the art or artifacts are switched up. I’ve been to a majority of LA’s museums multiple times. Upon looking for a new adventure, I stumbled across the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale. This is a museum like no other. Flooded with vintage neon signs and art, this place is the perfect day adventure. Not only is it fun to look at all of the illuminated pieces, but it is also a great place for Instagram pictures with the bright lights surrounding you. Located in the center of Glendale, there is also shopping and food close by to accompany your trip to the museum.


3. Catalina Island

While this is an island, it is located within LA County, so it counts as an LA spot! Catalina Island is something that I can see every day on the water, but I am embarrassed to say I’ve only been a handful of times. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve wanted to move there. Just an hour boat ride out of LA on the Catalina Express, Catalina Island is a relaxing escape from the fast-paced speed of Los Angeles (and the traffic). With clear blue water and sandy beaches, it’s like going to a tropical island without the airfare and hassle. The ideal place for a day trip or a weekend getaway, Catalina is filled with beach activities and beautiful scenery, as well as bison and ziplining for those who are more adventurous.


While these are just a few spots in LA that I think everyone should check out, there are so many more that I have yet to discover and see for myself. I do love frequenting my favorite spots, but it is always exciting to find new locations to add to the list and share with others, and this is what has inspired me to get out and explore new places more.