What is Kitsch Fashion?

As we’re all watching our favorite superstars own both the runways and the streets at Fashion Weeks around the world, we’re definitely seeing some pieces that make us stop and say “wait, what?”  The outlandish, colorful, eccentric outfits that the models and viewers alike are donning have been creeping their way into our wardrobes little by little since earlier this year, but it seems like with the beginning of fashion’s most prevalent season these kitschy items are becoming the it trend.  

“Kitsch” is best described by Urban Dictionary as “pleasingly distasteful,” meaning these items (clothing, accessories, makeup, or even decor) are outlandish, eccentric, even garish at times, but we’re super into it.  We started seeing this trend little by little; patches on backpacks and oversized jean jackets, t-shirts with giant prints of fruit on them, and even the return of body glitter (which, in my opinion, we should never have stopped using).  By the end of summer, people started getting more and more into this almost tacky way of dressing.  

The look is supposed to catch the eye and make people look twice, the way you would at an Andy Warhol painting.  It’s intentionally imperfect, combing crazy patterns, funky shapes, and lots of 3D additions on our clothing that at first glance just doesn’t seem right.  The German derived word describes something that’s been going on since the 1970’s, but each little spurt within the trend has seemingly had only a moment or two in the spotlight before fading away.  With the support of the entire fashion industry, kitsch is back in a major way, and it seems like it’ll be here to stay for a while.  

Some of my favorite kitschy pieces heading into Fall are things like this Betsey Johnson pumpkin shaped handbag ($98)


These fantastic cat Keiko Barbie Cat Eye Sunglasses by BonLook ($99)

And these playful Madden Girl Faux Fur Pompom Sneakers ($36.97)