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Hi! Congratulations, I’m proud of you! I wanted to make sure you heard and received that message because it’s really been an unprecedented and difficult year. Though we’re not quite done with it yet, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and themes of optimism and hope are becoming more prevalent. Let’s all take a sigh of relief because I’m about ready to be done with this mess :-) *sighs*


COVID and regulations permitting, this summer is rich with opportunities; there’s so much to look forward to! In case you needed some inspiration for things to do with your friends and family, I’ve thought up a quick list for you to celebrate your resilience and strength throughout this past year! Check them out:


I know that lots of people are already single or double-dosed, so for those that aren’t yet, look into vaccine availability and sites near you and book an appointment! Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, and protect others. And protect all the future generations to come. Ultimately, the best thing we can do this summer is to stay safe and prepare for our return to “normalcy.” It seems like getting a vaccine is one of the major steps towards this.


I’ll admit that I’m typically one who hates sitting in a car for hours on end. HOWEVER, after a school year of sitting at home and staring at my laptop all day, I’d do anything to see and experience something new–you, your friends, one car, that cute Airbnb you’ve been eyeing all year, and a trip you’ll never forget. Or if it’s more your style, treat yourself to a personal getaway. Either way, it’s nice to escape for a bit, and a road trip is definitely something to consider!


Like a road trip, less the “driving” part. Look at local rules and regulations and consider booking a flight somewhere. Get that change of pace you’ve been looking for this entire year, and restimulate yourself with the beauties and adventures of a new destination. I personally can not wait until summer and getting to travel again!


Traveling might not be your thing, and that’s absolutely fine! Last summer, my little sister and I had countless picnics at a park near us because we just needed something to do. Now, with school (almost) out of the way, there’s so much more time available to sit outside with good food & good company. Grab some friends or family, enjoy the nature and scenery, and of course, enjoy yourselves!!


I’m not sure if this is actually a thing, but if you’re up for the caffeine overload, it might be really fun to look up local coffee shops near you and hit them all on the same day! Bring some java-loving pals with you, support your local businesses, and explore the delicious coffee options available to you. Each shop brings something different, so I’d be interested to try them all at the same time!

HIT THE BEACH (or the pool!!)

For those living near the ocean or large bodies of water, it’s that time of year to go surfing, paddle boarding, canoeing, jet-skiing, etc, and have some fun under the sun <3 Of course, these can be year-round activities, but there’s something about the beach and summer that just go wonderfully together. If you don’t have a beach near you, little pool parties in the backyard sound like quite the treat too! Be sure to pack the music, sunscreen, water, and snacks!


...Or glamping. Either way, the outdoors are truly a gift, and there’s so much to explore and experience. Joshua Tree is my local favorite (it’s BEAUTIFUL!), but the possibilities are endless. I get the tent life isn’t everyone’s style, but nowadays, you have the options of trailers and RVs (or Airbnbs if you just need the structure—no shame in that!), and you can look into camping sites with special amenities or beach sites. No matter what, spending time outdoors is always a gift.


Sometimes, it’s the wholesome, stay-at-home activities that are the most fun. Do some competitive BINGO, board games, puzzles, Catchphrase, murder mystery, etc., and bring out that true game-night spirit. Get people off their feet and punching the air in disappointment. There are some really interesting and engaging games out there… some more intense than others. Have fun, and maybe create a game of your own if you’re feeling extra crafty!


This takes me back to my middle-school slumber party days where we would vow to stay awake the entire night but inevitably fail (my favorite were the slumber parties at the gym where I trained gymnastics where we would sleep on the mats and flip around almost all night). It could be really fun! Maybe do a movie marathon to keep you up or bake treats all night. Get some midnight boba, fries, or ice cream, and do a little at-home spa treatment. A night in with friends might be the perfect remedy :)


That is, go sky diving, horse riding, bowling, or boat riding; ride a roller coaster; eat a really expensive meal; or literally whatever else you can think of. After a disappointing and restrictive summer last year, you deserve to treat yourself. Cross those things off your bucket list!

Rachel is a sophomore marketing major at Loyola Marymount University with a passion for creating things and connecting people together. With Her Campus @ LMU, she hopes she can share a little bit of her heart and create content that people can enjoy!
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