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I Was Stuck in Los Angeles for Spring Break

I live in Los Angeles. You may have heard of it. It’s the city that boasts millions of visitors per year, is home to the wealthiest celebrities, and offers some of the best weather in the country. Yeah, well, I found myself wanting to get out of dodge more than ever this spring break. Too bad funds were tight and I couldn’t seem to break away from work. Here are some ways I kicked the staycation blues in one of the most populated cities in the US:


Binge-watched TV

Sleep is always a viable option, but catching up on those shows you’ve been missing out on since the beginning of the semester is also a great option. With all the streaming services at our fingertips these days, “show-holes” no longer exist. I could have easily stayed on my couch all 216 hours of my spring break, but I also…

Worked on my fitness

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Those long hours spent in bed (or on the couch) did nothing for my girly figure, so I made some effort to get myself to the gym. I am a huge fan of fitspo, Whitney Simmons. She’s got a #hotfireflames YouTube channel where she films her sweat sessions among other interesting topics. When I really started to feel cabin fever, I…

Took a drive down the coast

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Los Angeles is situated along the gorgeous coastline in sunny SoCal. Venturing north of the city will get you to the lush hills of Malibu, but heading south gets you to the amazing beaches of San Diego. In a few short hours, I was traipsing along the sandy shore and enjoying some new scenery. This was all before I…

Danced it out at CRSSD music festival

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This local music fest was a two-day affair that peaked my interest a few months back. I had the opportunity to go, so of course, I put on my best attire and headed to Oceanfront Park along with thousands of my closest friends. Movin’ and groovin’ definitely put me out of commission. Back at home I…

Indulged in some R & R

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Relaxing is the main goal of spring break. You’re taking a week off from homework, studying, and group meet-ups to completely do you! Lush bath bombs (https://www.lushusa.com/bath/bath-bombs/) are my go-to for me time. Those tiny bombs are infused with essential oils to help you achieve a variety of experiences. My recommendation is the “mermaid water” for a blast of scent, color, and glitter!


I'm a dog and cat mom- Trigger (the dog) and Rogue (the kitty). I am active by nature, so sitting idle is never an option. I love finding new areas of LA to explore and I am on an endless hunt for the best pizza this city has to offer.
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