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I Crocheted The Tik Tok Famous Harry Styles Cardigan and You Can Too

If, like me, you’re terribly obsessed with Harry Styles, you’ve probably seen the trend on Tik Tok going around where people are recreating his iconic patchwork cardigan from his appearance on the Today Show. I stumbled upon this trend and had absolutely zero crochet experience, but used a few tutorials on Youtube and was able to create my own version of the iconic sweater. The process took me about three weeks in total and I learned a few tips and tricks along the way.


Although the brand that made Harry’s original cardigan, JW Anderson, released an official pattern that you can get here, I decided to use a pattern that was found in this Tik Tok and this YouTube video. There is a vague pattern provided in both videos that I used almost exactly, with the exception of two extra squares in the armpits.


As far as yarn and tools go, I used:


In total I made 50 squares: 36 20x20 squares, six 19x20 squares, and six 18x20 squares. Additionally, because when I sewed the sleeves onto the body of my sweater, I had to add two extra 15x20 panels. For almost all of the squares, I followed this tutorial. For the red and black houndstooth squares, I used this tutorial


After crocheting all 50 squares, I pieced them together and relied heavily on this tutorial to figure out the layout for each section. After sewing each square together for the back, two front, and two sleeve sections, I slowly but surely pieced them together. Sewing the sleeves on was definitely the most difficult part of the process, and I followed the instruction in this tutorial.


After the main body of the sweater was complete, I worked on the ribbing for the sleeve cuffs and the bottom of the sweater – I followed this video. For the cuffs, I sewed about half of the measurement of the sleeve in order for the sleeve to have a balloon affect. This is different from Harry’s, but I personally wanted the sleeves tighter around the wrist. For the ribbing on the bottom, I crocheted the length of the bottom edge of the sweater. 


When the ribbing is attached, it’s finally time for the last steps! I did a single crochet around the entire perimeter of the sweater, doing about six or seven rows until I got my desired thickness. After this was done, I sewed on the buttons (I couldn’t use the tapestry needle however, you’ll likely have to use a regular needle and a threader to get the yarn through). 


And just like that, you’ve created your very own JW Anderson cardigan! Overall, I am incredibly pleased with how mine turned out and was surprised by how easy it was to complete being a total beginner. The supplies for the sweater cost me about $40, and once again it took me about three whole weeks to finish the sweater. I hope that all of this information is helpful and you love your homemade JW Anderson cardigan as much as I love mine! Happy crocheting!

Hey there! I'm Sophia Villamor, I'm an English major here at LMU, and am originally from the Bay Area. I love all things Disney, makeup, and fashion related.
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