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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

By: Gianella Martinez-Gugliotta

How to Survive Midterms: A Guide From Someone That Always Gets Sick Because She Doesn’t Listen to Her Own Advice.

  1. Rank all your tasks and exams for the week based on pending due dates and priority. This will make it easier for you to manage your time and focus on the more important assignments as they come.
  2. Make sure to get some sleep. Studying past 4 am will not help you if you are exhausted in the morning and can’t concentrate (Do I ever listen to this? No but that is on me.)
  3. Make sure to get enough Vitamin C to help support your immune system. Take a wellness shot (available in the C-store), some Emergen-C Packets, or have some Vitamin C-packed fruits. This one, I listen to. I promise it will help you.
  4. Take breaks when you can. Set up an allotted amount of time for you to spend watching a show you like, or talking with your friends. Anything to relax for a moment so that you can realign yourself and not burn out.
  5. If you get sick, replace your toothbrush after. It’s full of germs, and just plain gross.
  6. Coffee is both your best friend and arch enemy. Be cautious with how much coffee you drink, it works great in a pinch, but it can also make you feel awful if you are depending on it too much.
  7. Try not to wait until the last minute to finish that essay you have due. You will regret it when it is 11:57 pm and your laptop isn’t opening the file because it needs to restart (Yes, this has happened to me. I cried after.).
  8. Try your best to take care of yourself. Your own well-being is more important than a few points off on an essay.

You must be wondering why you should listen to me, considering that I never listen to this advice myself. Well, the reason is that time and time again, I always regret that I don’t.

Teniola is a Junior Entrepreneurship major from Boston, Massachusetts. She is interested in writing about beauty, trending topics, lived experiences, fitness, and overall health!