How to Sell your Clothes Online


Last summer when I moved back home from school, I decided to do a major closet clean out. I try and do this at least once a year to make room for new pieces. I usually will donate them and pass them down to my sisters, but this time, I wanted to try something new. I had heard of my friends using an app called Poshmark, to sell their clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, accessories, and anything else. I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision ever - it kept me busy during the summer when I wasn’t working, and it was a great way to make some extra money on the side. After selling the items in my closet for the past 10 months, I’ve made over a $1000 dollars! It’s honestly so much fun and so simple. I’ve tried other apps that are similar, but Poshmark was always the quickest and easiest. Shipping is always paid by the buyer, and it’s delivered through USPS. Here are some of my best tips and information on how to sell your clothes online!




I’m definitely a hoarder, so at the beginning, it was difficult to part with some items in my closet - even if I hadn’t worn it in ages! But I learned to be honest and remind myself that if I sell these items, I can earn some money to spend on items that I will get more use out of. If you have a piece you can’t decide if you should sell or not, post it anyway. Trust me - the likes, comments, and questions you get about the item will get you more used to the idea of getting rid of it - and making some money!



This may seem like an obvious one, but I’ve seen listings where you can barely see the product on sale! I post pictures with most of the items hung, so that you can get the best view. I do it against a plain, light colored wall, so the color isn’t distorted. Sometimes, I even try and find online photos of the items being modeled, which I’ve noticed always sells quicker! Be prepared to have to try on the items sometimes, or measurements as potential buyers frequently ask. Make sure to specify any damages, wear and tear, authenticity forms (if a designer product), sizing. Be honest - if you don’t mention any of the flaws and it’s not up to the buyer’s expectations when received, they can send it back!



Poshmark does a really good job with getting your listings very public so that millions of users can shop your closet and your listings. However, it’s never going to be noticed unless you stay active. The app a feature called “parties”, where you can share your listings into “parties” of categories the listings fit in. There’s 4 parties every day, and each one lasts for 2 hours. For example, a party will be called “Best in Shoes”, and you can share any of your shoe listings in that party, so customers specifically looking for shoes, can check that party out when it’s taking place. Another way to stay active is to just reshare your listings with your followers - I like to do this at least once a day, especially since you’re gaining new followers every day.



Another great feature that Poshmark has is that you’re able to negotiate prices with your potential buyers. Beware - sometimes customers will try to lowball your prices, by offering a price way too low for what it could be sold for. Be respectful and carry on, new customers will always come around! Remember that Poshmark takes 20% of the price the item was sold for, so try and sell at the best price you can do.


Happy Poshing!