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How to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day

Favorite holidays for whatever reason seem to change when you get to college. I used to count down the days to Christmas and Easter, waiting excitedly for Santa and the Easter Bunny. However, on campus I spend much more time looking forward to days where I get to dress up and celebrate; the next being St. Patrick’s day. Whether or not you have any Irish heritage, I suggest getting decked out in green and consuming only things that match your outfit. Here’s some ways to celebrate in a stylish and fun manner.

Rock Shamrocks

Stores are currently decked out in 4-leaf clover themed outfits, accessories, cups, plates and so much more. Choose your favorite, mine personally are shamrock glasses, and wear them all day.


Get Green Drinks

Whether or not you drink, there will be beverages which are 100% more festive dyed green which you can make. Get a limeade or a green beer, whatever suits your fancy.


Buy a Witty Shirt

Walk into any target or similar store and you’ll probably find a bunch of shirts captioned for the day. Whether you go for the classic “Kiss Me I’m Irish” or some new favorites such as “Wish You Were Beer” or “You Shamrock”, make sure it’s green! Afterall, you don’t want to get pinched!


DIY Some Desserts

Look up a recipe and get to baking! Pinterest is filled with recipes and suggestions for scrumptious and adorable treats. Taking a bite out of these are bound to give you some luck.


Celebrate with Friends

St. Patrick’s day is a joyous holiday and seems more fun with others. Whether you’re going out to your city’s local event or watching a movie and sharing green treats with friends, make some lasting memories this St. Patty’s day.


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