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A collage of Aimee Song showing off her jewelry line
A collage of Aimee Song showing off her jewelry line
Aimee Song

How Aimee Song Gives Back with Her Passion for Fashion | WE DAY 2019

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

Fashion maven and renowned blogger with over five million followers, Aimee Song just launched a jewelry line that combines both her passion for fashion with her mission to give back.

In 2018, Song traveled with ME to WE—a company that helps bring positive change to the lives of children and families in developing countries—to Kenya. There, she met with the women of the Masai Mara tribe who taught her how to bead. Song recalls how much work and patience it takes for these women (otherwise known as “mamas,” a mark of respect in Kenya) to bead each bracelet or necklace.

“I just love how everybody does it together, it’s a community and a joint project, and to me that’s so special.” In regards to her collection, Song states, “I didn’t do it alone, it was so many amazing women helping each other to create this journey.”


Amiee Song learning how to bead jewelry in Kenya
Aimee Song


Using the inspiration she gained from this experience, Song then decided to create her collection appropriately named “Journey”. Every piece sold from this collection helps to provide women in developing communities with financial literacy training and business workshops.

Song explains that even though she lived in America, she too had a tough childhood and often felt as if not everybody was given equal opportunities. She states, “It’s even more so in developing countries. So I want these girls and kids to grow up to be smart women, but sometimes they don’t have the vehicles to do so…”

By implementing these workshops and training, Song hopes these women “invest within their own community so they can sustain a living, rely on themselves, and create a healthy environment. Then, also help each other along the way.”



The new collection that is in partnership with ME to WE and PacSun, gives off the same spirit as Song herself — spunky, yet sophisticated. The collection includes three bracelets: the Journey Bracelet, the Two-Wrap Rafiki Bracelet, and the Connection Bracelet.

With a vibrant collection consisting of bright blue, pink, and purple beads, Song designed something colorful she could wear all year.

“I personally love color–love color all the time–and I feel like if you have an array of rainbow colors, then you can wear it with any outfit.”


Aimee Song showing off her \"Journey Collection\" jewelry line
Aimee Song

“Fashion is my passion, but I use it as a channel to talk more about other meaningful things…You can love fashion and be super stylish, but also care about so many other important things as well.”

You can check out the full “Journey” collection, which ranges from $18 to $38, on the ME to WE website.


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