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Holiday Gift Guide: Bestie Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

If you’re like me, gift-giving is not your love language, and shopping for other people may be difficult. (I’m guilty of giving people things that I would like lol). However, my best girlfriends and I do a Secret Santa every year, and my gift to one of them is usually a big hit. Over the years, I’ve picked up some gift-giving tips, and I now realize what is a good gift and what is not. Here is a holiday gift guide: bestie edition.

Something Sentimental

I find that friends love it when you give them things that have sentimental value: whether it’s a friendship bracelet or something with an inside joke. Gifting your bestie something sentimental means that you cherish their friendship, and it may be something that they keep forever.


I know that we’re adults in college but come on! Who doesn’t like plushies?! One of my roommates has enough to cover her bed. They’re soft, cuddly and nostalgic, and your bestie is sure to love them.


Okay, hear me out! A pair of slippers. Everyone needs a pair of slippers, especially in this California cold.

Sadé is an LMU journalism major from Ontario, CA. She loves fashion and being with her family.