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Hangry in LA: Brunch Survival Guide

By: Conchita Widjojo

Everyday is a good day for brunch. Serving breakfast food all day is a concept that every restaurant with a superb breakfast menu should follow. It is all of our favorite dishes to feast on in the morning, merged together with the fine delicacies that lunch has to offer. Plus, brunch gives you a reason to snooze that alarm and sleep in for a bit longer, as well an excuse to eat breakfast all day. Here are a few restaurants that will ease your morning into the afternoon:

Larchmont Bungalow may be a bit of a drive, near K-Town to be exact, but this place serves a dish you can’t find anywhere else: red and blue velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting, topped with candied pecans. Are you drooling yet? Drive down bright and early because this place does not take reservations! Opens at 7:30 am daily, and works on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Blu Jam Café is renowned for serving breakfast all day and its crunchy French toast. Imagine corn flake crusted French toast with a cream cheese glaze for a dip, as well as a vast array of other mouthwatering choices. Be sure to wake up early to line up because this restaurant does not take reservations. Located in various spots, including Hollywood, and opens at 8 am daily. (So good, it’s also opening up in Tokyo, Japan!)


Joan’s On Third is probably a name that rings a bell, but it is merely a name until you go and try it yourself. The restaurant boasts an appetizing breakfast menu, but the selection of sandwiches and salads could turn you into a lunch person. The Chinese chicken salad is definitely one of the favorites of the menu, with crispy fried chicken and wonton pieces that give the entire dish a perfect crunch. Located on Third Street and Santa Monica, opening at 8 am daily.


The Griddle is the perfect place if you are a pancake, waffle, or French toast buff – hence the name. Whatever combination of sweets you can come up with, this place has it all; from Oreo-filled flapjacks to creamy cheesecake French toast, choose as your heart pleases. Beware: this café tends to overdo themselves on the portion sizes and the sugar overload. Open at 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends, located in Hollywood. Go line up!

Gjelina is located on Abbot Kinney Blvd, one of the trendiest streets in LA, and serves traditional American food in a rustic-chic ambiance. While the menu is bursting with unique and spectacular flavors, and names that may be difficult to pronounce, this restaurant tends to be more on the pricey side. The lemon buckwheat ricotta pancakes and duck-confit potato hash with sunny duck egg just screams “fancy brunch.” Open everyday at 8 am until midnight.

Sunny Spot is already a brunch go-to, seeing that it is in the neighborhood! Located on Washington Blvd, this place has your average American breakfast items with a twist. Definitely order the blueberry pancakes, which have the tangy flavor of a soft pretzel, as well as the hangover plate. Open on the weekends at 9:30 am, and serving brunch until 4 pm. 

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