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Five Social Justice Issues to Involve Yourself in Today

As I sat on the small couch that was buried beneath the seventy printed pages of Thomas Hobbes’  Leviathan that I had begun to read for my Foundations in Political Theory class, I couldn’t help but get sidetracked. While reading Hobbes’ arguments and theories on the purpose of humanity and justice, I found myself asking the same questions he sought to explain back in the 1600’s...he just asked them with more eloquent language than myself. 

While my exact answers to these questions are still very much works in progress, I do know the answers to a few things. The first thing I know is that even three hundred and sixty-eight years after the publication of his book, which still influences politics and society today, we still have NOT achieved the justices Hobbes discussed. Look up and away from your screen. Look around you. Wherever you are you’re bound to see some form of injustice. Call me naive, but I like to believe that every person can make a difference in this world. So go do it! Make the difference you are meant to make on this Earth...I’ll be doing the same right along with you. Below are a few social justice issues you can explore and/or get involved in! As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


Many students need help outside of the classroom. Some kids may be behind, may be confused by the material, or others may just need some additional one-on-one help. Volunteering at tutoring centers or teaching/assisting with after school tutoring courses are two great ways to get involved in the realm of education. 

Mental and physical ability

Many organizations have come into the world in order to help people achieve their goals. No matter what one's ability, humans can do anything we set our minds to, and we can all help each other along the way. For example, volunteering at a dance studio for children with special needs was one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. If dance maybe isn't your thing, there are so many wonderful organizations that you can get involved in that provide various programs, either in the arts or athletics, for everyone. 


Today, immigration is very much a hot-button topic in American politics. No matter what your beliefs are concerning immigration, I encourage you to look at people as people. Immigrants are people and people always need human support. Vote, call, and/or write letters to your congress representatives in order to be the voice that others need. 


Los Angeles is witnessing one of the largest peaks in homelessness the nation has ever seen. Instead of just standing by and 'witnessing' however, we must act. Volunteering at local homeless shelters and soup kitchens are great ways to get involved with this very relevant social justice issue. 

Environmental issues

Whether it is using paper straws, writing letters to congress, or cleaning up trash at the beach, the environment needs our help, so help it in any way that you can. 

I'm Simona and I'm from Los Angeles! I am double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. Outside of school, I love going out with friends, traveling, and going on spontaneous adventures.
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