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Finals Week As Told By Michael Scott

When you look over the material that is going to be on the final.


When the professor decides to add another assignment right before the final.


When you think about all the studying you still have to do


When you spend countless hours in the library and you still haven’t made a dent in what you planned to accomplish.


When people ask, “How is that class going?”


When you’re in that panicked process of trying to getting in touch with your professor before the final.


When your professor is going over what to expect on the final the day before the exam.


When you’re writing your final paper the night before and haven’t quite met the page limit yet.


When your professor says Wikipedia is not a credible source


When your professor announces that the final will be cumulative.


When you’ve reached the point where you consider dropping out of school.


When you have to give yourself a pep talk to remind yourself that you can make it.


When stress eating basically becomes a way of life justified by “I deserve this.”


When you run out of meal plan money because you spent it all on coffee and Red Bull.


When it’s time to sit down and actually take the final.


When you bomb that test you studied so hard for, but you try to play it cool.

When you walk out of your exam and look at your friends.

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Kaitlin is a senior English Major at Loyola Marymount University.