The Feelings of Coming Back From Spring Break in GIFS

Whether you went on a tropical vacation or had your own staycation, spring break is such a nice stress-reliever to get away from the hustle of classes. However, once you get back, you feel a plethora of emotions. At least, I did for sure. I’ve summarized the emotions I’ve felt and probably most college students feel coming back from spring break.


  1. 1. Sadness

    Okay, this one definitely hit hard for me. I went back home to Chicago. Even though it wasn’t that nice SoCal weather, it was so peaceful and tranquil being home. From home-cooked meals to taking multiple naps, the recharge was amazing. While I flying back to LA, I was a little somber that I wouldn’t be home until the summer. For the people that flew to sunny, beautiful places, I bet you were sad that it’s gone.

  2. 2. Tired

    This one is a bit weird. The day before classes resume, I got an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. The anticipation of getting tons of homework and studying for tests made me feel so groggy for some reason.

  3. 3. Excited

    After thinking about the impending workload happening, I realized we are more than halfway done with the school year. Plus, I get to see my friends from college. Finally, summer is near!