Driving in LA as Told By Britney Spears

This year marks my fourth year living in Los Angeles and second year with a car and I have definitely learned a lot. Not that I was a bad driver before, but driving in LA just makes me nervous sometimes. On top of the constant traffic that triggers road rage like no other, there is also the fear of missing your exit or taking the wrong freeway and ending up miles from where you actually want to be. Needless to say over the last two years I have gotten my bearings and am now at least not as nervous on the freeway as I once was.

No one says it better than Britney so here is my experience driving in LA:

Getting cut off on the 405:

When no one seems to see your turn signal so you just force your way in:


Directions: 55 minutes to go 7 miles:


When someone actually lets you merge:

Sitting in traffic like:


When someone honks at you for no reason:


Then they end up next to you at the light:


Feeling cool when you drive by an LA landmark:


Driving with friends:

Driving alone: