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Don’t Like LMU Food? Here are Five Places to Eat Off Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

If you are a freshman at Loyola Marymount University,  you might not know this yet, but the food is not the best and is very easy to get sick of. In the beginning, it might seem okay. But once you have had either the Lair or the Habit for the millionth time, you might be in desperate need for something else. Don’t worry, here is where to go!

Whole Foods 

This is a very easy option for almost anyone because it is a hop skip and a jump over to Playa Vista. It is accessible to everyone because of the campus shuttle. Additionally, you are likely to find some cheap items in their hot bar area. Essentially, they have something for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, and eaters of all kinds. I personally really like their pizza and although I am not vegan, I love their vegan doughnuts. Also, LMU hack 101:  you can use your flexi dollars here!

Italy’s Little Kitchen

Right off our own Lincoln Boulevard, there sits this cute, homey Italian Restaurant. It is a walkable distance from school and has parking for those who want to drive. The bread is divine and the service is impeccable. Not to mention, they also have a 10% off discount for LMU students. 


Another stop in Playa Vista next to Whole Foods is ROC. It is a swank little Taiwanese restaurant that offers rice dishes, dumplings, veggies and more. Even though I have been many times, Chinese broccoli is my staple dish and it keeps getting better.  I also love their dumplings, fried, steamed and soup. Sweet Greens 

For those who love Salads, Sweet Greens is the place for you. For those who force themselves to eat salads, they have tasty options for you as well. It is your quintessential grab and go or sit down restaurant. They even have an option where you can build your own salad bowls.

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

Yes, I know it is a chain restaurant. However, they do certainly have quality food. Located down in the Waterside shopping center in Marina Del Ray, it is great for pizza, pasta, bowls, salads, appetizers, fish, chicken, tacos and so much more. The pizza is certainly a Grade A alternative to our campus’s local Pizza Hut.