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Does High-End Mascara Really Make a Difference?

By Amelia Brodney

I don’t buy expensive mascara unless it’s worth it; when I am indecisvie, I will usually grab Covergirl Lashblast or Maybelline Falsies. I have a few high-end everyday products that I buy consistently, such as the Nars radiant creamy concealer, but for Christmas 2020 I decided to ask for a mascara gift set from Sephora. I thought this would be a good investment, considering masks cover half of our face.

The set came with two full sized and seven travel sized mascaras along with a pair of false lashes. I wanted to see if there was a difference between the tried and true drugstore brands and high end products, so here is a review of four of the high-end mascaras.

Two Faced Better Than Sex

I often find little clumps on my lashes after application and the product rubs off easily, leaving small black smudges. The one positive thing is that it is cruelty free. Overall, I would not buy this on its own.

ILIA Limitless Lash Lengthening

This was my absolute favorite; I finished the entire tube! It looks so natural and truly adds length. The product is also certified as “Clean” by Sephora. I would definitely buy this in the future.

Benefit BADgal BANG

I learned that you have to wipe off the excess product before applying or your lashes will stick together. I think it’s a good mascara but I would only purchase it again if I were buying a value set from Benefit that included this product.

Blinc Mascara Amplified

At first I really liked this mascara. Then came the flakes. Honestly, I was disappointed that Sephora chose for this to be one of the full sized products because this mascara is so flakey and irritates my eyes. I have a resting sad face, and the mascara making my eyes water certainly doesn’t help.

High-end mascaras are great if you are looking for something vegan, hypoallergenic, or free from certain ingredients. As someone who wears contacts, I look for mascaras that are considered safe for wearers. However, after testing out some high-end brands, I realized that I prefer my drugstore staples. Out of all of these, I would only consider buying the ILIA mascara in the future. The nice thing for a lot of these products is that you can buy the mini version if you want to try it out before making the investment. At the end of the day it is about personal preference, so they may be worth a shot!

Amelia is a freshman Film Production major from outside of Boston. She likes hot yoga, kombucha and iced coffee. She loves LMU, but misses her dogs.
Marisa is a film production and international relations double major and screenwriting minor. She loves iced coffee, watching movies, and of course her HerCampus family!
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