Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour Concert Review

Before coming to LA, I had already planned to watch Coldplay in concert, as I have been such big fan of them, since I was in high school. But, I didn’t really know who I would watch it with until last month when I asked my new best friend from LMU to come join me so we could watch Coldplay together at Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena. The day of the concert, October 6, was the day that I was eagerly waiting for. Even though midterms were coming up, the idea of  watching them (LIVE!) for the very first time excited me!

We arrived at the venue around 6PM. Rose Bowl stadium was realllly hugeeee! It was packed with lots of people both young and old. Luckily, the stadium was filled with food and drinks stands to satisfy my hunger and thirst from the 2 hours of traffic all the way from LA to Pasadena. My seat was almost at the back but I could see the stage in the center and it was really nice. The lightning and sound effects were really awesome!

7PM had come and the opening act for the night was Tove Lo singing almost 10 songs to entertain nearly 65,000 people.

“Tove Lo”

Credits : Coldplay Instagram

But the crowd was getting so impatient after Tove Lo finished singing since they made us wait nearly 20 minutes for Coldplay to come out. Nearly all the fans were shouting for Coldplay to come out on stage as they the whole audience was waving and cheering “Coooooooldplaayyyyyy!”


Look at the huge crowd (65,000 people) - cheering for Coldplay!

ANDDDD 09:20 PM FINALLY! The ones that we had all been waiting for finally showed up on stage! Chris Martin and his band opened up their act with “A Head Full of Dreams,” the highlight song from their very newest album. The crowd screamed out loud and sang together with excitement. Each and every audience member was dressed with a light wristband that automatically shined on with different colors of lights. Red lights were shining up as Chris Martin beautifully sang this song!


Full House on the Stadium!


Lining up next was my favorite song of all time -” Yellow!” To match out the song title, we had yellow lights on our wrist band to symbolize the song (which is really cool, LOL). “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” came next afterwards, and “The Scientist” on the 4th set list which made everyone start to chill out as the crowd enjoyed it and was so into the song,  everyone started holding and hugging their friends, children, or even partners  as they heard this song being sang. Paradise, another well-known song was also performed. Moving on next was “Magic”, “Everglow”, “Clocks”, “Midnight”. My favorite song from this album, “Hymn for the Weekend” came up with Rihanna’s part for this song and the crowd was jumping and cheering, which just lit up the venue as Coldplay started performing on the center stage so the audience could get a closer look at them. “Fix You” the highlight song from the concert had moved the audience to tears as the lyrics were really touching and meaningful for almost everyone (me included), as we sang this song together deeply from the heart <3

“Yellow lights for Yellow!”

Credits : Coldplay Instagram


A surprise guest for this event, James Corden, host of Carpool Karaoke, came to support Coldplay and sang on stage with Chris for a “Heroes”  cover by David Bowie. “Viva La Vida” came up next, which was actually the 1st song that I heard from Coldplay and made me reflect on how time had flown since I first heard about their song and I’m still felt really glad they still performed their old songs for the concert! Chris Martin’s energy was so hype as he really wanted the audience to join him in singing and jumping through the song. Even though the clock struck 11 PM, everyone was still so hyped as we sang into “Adventure of Lifetime” and moving on to “Something Like This,” which Coldplay used to sing with Chainsmokers.

Before Coldplay sang their closing songs, they were really concerned with what had happened in the last few months in our country with the hurricanes and the Las Vegas shooting. All the profits from the tickets were then donated to the victims of the disasters, which everyone was really happy about as we cheered out loud, feeling proud that our money was being used for a good cause for the country’s sakes.

“A Sky Full of Stars” & “Up and Up” were the closing songs of the night, everyone was really satisfied with the concert as it was worth the wait, energy, and the price. It was really awesome and I felt really speechlesssss as they were so amazing. That will be a night that I will never forget! I can’t believe that I got the chance to join the fun to watch a group of talented people create something so beautiful for all of us to enjoy and appreciate music. Can’t wait for more Coldplay albums and concerts coming up, which are definitely worth to watch! <3


“A Sky Full of Stars”


Thank you, Belle for coming and glad that you enjoyed watching Coldplay with me!


Bucket List Check = Watching Coldplay Concert in LA #ColdplayLA