Choose the Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Plan for Your Long Distance Relationship

Being away from your significant other on the “most romantic” day of the year doesn’t have to be as sad as it sounds. You may try to solve this by looking up “Long Distance Valentine,” but this will lead to endless results making it difficult to choose something personal to your relationship. These lists also tend to focus on gifts which will have to be rainchecked rather than what to do on Valentine’s Day itself. So, let’s get over the hardest part; what will your S/O miss most: being spoiled, the date, or Valentine’s Day sex? Through a flow chart I made with GOConqr you can get small gift ideas as well as at the end of the quiz you can see what big gesture will hopefully make your boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other smile.  


A. The Traditional Dinner and Movie

The flow chart shows you will miss your significant other’s presence the most.


A1. If you miss your S/O’s presence and want to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th you can still have the traditional dinner and movie over Facetime. Get take out from your favorite restaurants and watch a movie that fits your relationship. A site for long distance couples to have movie night together is Gaze - Long Distance Movie Night .


A2. Gaze could also be used to watch an online concert for an artist that you both enjoy.


B. Valentine’s Day Sex

The flow chart shows you will miss Valentine’s day sex the most.


B1. Spice up your relationship with electronic sex. Go for a gift like lingerie, send pics, and call your S/O for some heated phone sex.


B2. In the age of there being an app for anything if you’re interested in sex toys you could try out interactive ones to help out your partner from miles away. A site that can help recommend teledildonic sex toys is Long Distance Fun


C. Spoiling your S/O

The flow chart shows you will miss spoiling your significant other the most.


C1. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil your significant other in as many ways as possible. If possible, hitting up friends can make giving your SO their gift much more important. Ask a mutual friend or home connection to your significant other to buy them fresh flowers and his/her/their favorite candy to bring to them on Valentine’s Day.


C2. If another person being involved is not possible send them a care package in the mail even it’s late your S/O will appreciate it.


C3. If sending a package or letter to your significant house is not possible make a new meaning for finsta and create a private Instagram account for only the two of you as a photo gallery you can both look at whenever feeling down.


Valentine’s Day can still be just as special for long distance couples. Going the extra mile for your significant other when in a different state shows your love has no boundaries.