Chloe Bartoli for Rocket Dog x ‘California Girls’ Collection

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the exclusive launch party for Chloe Bartoli for Rocket Dog x California Girls. Organized by The Influence, one of Los Angeles’ top public relations firms, the party was an absolute hit. It was a night all about fashion and celebrating the creativity of both Chloe Bartoli and all those at Rocket Dog. With the theme of a 90s house party, the launch party was just as amazing and one-of-a-kind as the collection itself. Featuring neon art, customized spray paint tee shirts, and  90s music, coming to this event truly felt like entering a time capsule, but one with a retro yet modern twist. The party was THE place to be for all fashion lovers. The collection was displayed all over the venue, but mainly in a decorated locker area. Each locker contained pieces from the collection that visitors could try on and look at. Being able to try on the pieces and see them up close was super beneficial. I can say that all the pieces are so unique, one-of- a-kind, and well made. The room was filled with so many familiar faces from all aspects of Hollywood. Paris Jackson, Madison Beer, Luke Davis, Miguel, DJ Rukus, were all present, along with a handful of other familiar faces from both the fashion and entertainment industries. It was a cool experience to see people from all different kinds of industries and backgrounds bond over their love of fashion and this collection. I am beyond lucky to have been able to attend this event and not only see the collection first hand, but bond with so many faces of the fashion industry.

Rocket Dog is the epitome of the ‘cool girl’ brand. Spanning back to the 90s with their platform shoes, Rocket Dog has and continues to be a huge influence in the fashion industry. Effortlessly cool and grunge with a mix of street-style-chic, Rocket Dog’s designs are absolutely timeless.

The new age of Rocket Dog has arrived. The Rocket Dog x California Girls Collection is a series of collaborations with influencers in both the fashion industry and young Hollywood. The Chloe Bartoli x Rocket Dog Collection is the first of multiple upcoming collections. Rocket Dog will continue to collaborate with influencers in the fashion industry and young Hollywood under their Rocket Dog x California Girls Collection. Each collaboration will feature the talents of a new visionary. CEO of Millennial Brands, Cathy Taylor explains the Summer ‘18 collection with Chloe Bartoli saying that “RD x California Girls will debut its Summer ‘18 collection with cool girl-about-town and trendsetter Chloe Bartoli. Known for her cutting edge, simple and masculine-inspired street-to-chic aesthetic, Rocket Dog and Chloe are the ideal pairing to amp up the California-cool millennial edge. Through its innovative silhouettes, patterns and colors, the footwear will appeal to the masses while being representative of Bartoli’s effortlessly chic and highly coveted style. In demand by young Hollywood, Bartoli has worked with Nicole Richie, Sofia Richie, Jessie Jo Stark, Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr and top fashion books spanning from W Magazine to Nylon. Chloe Bartoli for RD x California Girls will bring an iconic 90s sensibility to booming new heights through the cutting edge, sleek and envelope-pushing brand- reinventing interpretations”

Chloe Bartoli is the ultimate ‘cool girl’. Known as a celebrity stylist to many notable clients, Bartoli is a leader in the fashion community. She is the perfect example of someone who mixes both masculine/ edgy and feminine styles perfectly. Chloe brings a new eye to the Rocket Dog family. Her designs, all a mix of cutting-edge, sleek, and edgy designs, will bring new heights to the brand. Known for their stacked footwear, this collaboration continues to exemplify the time-defying appeal of 90s inspired footwear. This new collection is a modern-day twist on these classic shoes. Chloe Bartoli explains her love for Rocket Dog and how this brand has influenced her wardrobe for almost all of her life.

“I am beyond excited to collaborate with Rocket Dog! Growing up, if you didn’t have a pair of Rockets Dog(s) in high school, you were definitely not part of the cool crowd.  I decided to make my collection a little bit more masculine than what they generally design and are known for since I’m a total Tomboy! Instead of designing pieces that were more on the feminine side like Rocket Dog‘s classic platform sandal, I decided to take the platform and add a more rock ‘n’ roll/punk vibe to the collection.” - Chloe Bartoli

The Rocket Dog x California Girls collection launched on June 6 and is available nationwide at not only at Rocket Dog’s website, but other key retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Dolls Kill, Forever 21, and Journeys. I was excited about this collection when it was announced last fall and I’m even more excited that it is finally here. The pieces all speak for themselves and one thing is for sure, Chloe Bartoli and Rocket Dog did not disappoint. I am so beyond thankful I had the opportunity to be included in such an amazing night and party.