Campus Cutie: Sam Zook

Okay, if your heart has not yet melted from the picture above, then it’ll definitely be a mess by the time you finish reading about this week’s Campus Cutie. Junior, Sam Zook, is one of the most generous (see video link below), and not to mention funniest people you will run into at LMU. If you’re looking for a guy to gush over Ryan Gosling with or just a really sweet lunch date, look no further. Luckily for us, Sam is single, so go ahead and say “Hey!”

Name: Sam Zook

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: Film Production

Hometown: Culver City, CA

Relationship Status: Single

Campus Affiliations: Beta Theta Pi

Biggest turn-on: Her smile, kindness towards others, and passion for what ever it is she loves.

Biggest turn-off: Mean people and cigarettes.

Deal Breaker: If she’s not a dog person.

Most used/Best pickup line: “Hey”

Guilty pleasure: Romance movies

Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling

Ideal date: It varies because I would want to cater to her interests, but I personally love going to Dodgers games.

Embarrassing moment: I was leaving the gym freshman year and I had my school ID holder in my pocket with the lanyard part hanging out (like any good freshman). I was walking on the sidewalk between the gym and the health center when my super stylish lanyard got caught on a fire hydrant and pulled my gym shorts down to my ankles. There was a group of 5 or 6 girls walking behind me and saw the whole thing. It was pretty funny and we all laughed.