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Campus Cutie: Sage Sanders

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

Our interview with freshman Sage Sanders may be short, but he’s definitely sweet. When he’s not  busy doing work for his Business Management major, he’s playing live music (hence his minor) at venues like The House of Blues. Not a bad way to start out, Sage!

Sage at The House of Blues – Revival Sounds


Hometown: Solana Beach, CA

Major: Business Management

Minor: Music

Year: Freshman

Relationship Status: Single — “Unfortunately…”

Favorite Band: The Growlers

Ideal Date: “Sunset, surf, and then a very nice dinner.”

Celebrity Crush: Paul McCartney — “That dude is my life.”

Biggest Turn On: Intelligence

Biggest Turn Off: Halitosis (aka bad breath)

Favorite Food: Pancakes – “Or like a dutch baby or something…”

Greatest Fear: Airplanes – “I have dreams that I crash and die all the time.”

What he’s most looking forward to at LMU: Starting a rock n roll band.