Campus Celebrity: Sean Feeney

This week’s campus celebrity is senior Sean Feeney. This entrepreneurship major can be spotted around campus repping LMU Greek Life, as he holds both a position on Greek Council and is an active member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. You may also know this celeb by the title “DJ Seanimal,” as his music career has really taken off in the past few months. We met up with him this week to find out more about how he went from classroom desks to spinning tables.

DJ Seanimal (in all-white) with some of his Sig Ep brothers over the summer in Europe.

What activities are you involved in on and off campus? I love being involved on campus, especially when it comes to Greek Life. Other than being a brother in Sig Ep, I’m also a Co-VP of Interfraternalism on the LMU Greek Council, and have been responsible for both the Lip Sync/ Stroll Off event as well as Greek Week. As for off campus, I like to dabble in croquet from time to time. 

How did you get into DJ-ing? Honestly it was by accident [laughs]. I had the nickname DJ Seanimal before I was actually a DJ. I had a promoter at a bar hear someone call me DJ Seanimal, and then he asked if I wanted to spin at the bar the next night.  Naturally, I accepted - I had to learn how to DJ over night. It’s safe to say I’ve gotten a lot better since then.

Do you plan to pursue this as a career after college? I plan on taking this all the way to Hakkasan in Vegas.

Where did the name DJ Seanimal come from? [Laughs] It’s a really long and uninteresting story. It involves the movie Cedar Rapids with Ed Helms and a lazy Saturday night.

How do your Sig Ep brothers feel about your newfound DJ fame? Fame is a relative term. But honestly, I do what I do because of them. It’s kind of what it’s all about. The guys come out to every gig and fill the room, and I try to provide the right ambience for them to have a good time. Their support is and has been unbelievable, so I’m really going to try and appreciate this last year as much as I can.

Any upcoming gigs? You can find me at Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach on most Thursday nights, but I’ll be at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood on September 27th. My most recent gig was at Delta Gamma’s 2014 Anchor Games on campus.

We can’t wait to see where this week’s Campus Celebrity’s DJ skills take him!