Campus Celebrity: Kacie Won

Kacie Won is a powerhouse.  This junior Civil Engineering major from Oahu, Hawaii, juggles difficult classes on top of being involved in not one, but two school organizations.  Kacie is the recently elected president of her service org, Espérer, and is involved in Greek Life as an active member of Delta Gamma.  With how busy Kacie is, we were surprised to discover her biggest dilemma: what her next binge-watch TV show will be.

1) You were recently elected President of Espérer.  Congratulations!  What would you say is your favorite thing about being part of this service organization?

“What is my favorite thing about Espérer? There are so many things.  If I were to think about it for, say, 10 seconds, this is what comes to mind: the laughs, the memories, the people, the vibes, the mission, and our motto: WOAH (Women of Active Hope). But I would have to say my top two favorite things are the love and support from my Espee family, and the greater service organization community. As well as the constant give-and-take of learning and teaching!”

“Being such a young organization, I have been blessed with bonding with each member on a more intimate level; more so than most other clubs and organizations on other campus, in my opinion. During meeting, if someone were to say something in the back of the room, we would all know who said it because we know everyone’s quirky personalities and sense of humor. On a more serious note, I have found so many amazing role models and people to look up to in my organization. Since we are all so different, every meeting and encounter is so enlightening.  I don’t know how many times I have wanted to quote what the girls say as my own in my Instagram posts!  Whenever I want a free psychology appointment, I just call up on of my Espee girls and they are there, free of charge.  Each Espee, along with the rest of the people in the service org community, have so much passion and drive that inspire me everyday.”

“Espérer’s ability to shape me into a more global citizen interested in learning more about the world around me is amazing.  This organization has truly opened my eyes to the social justice issues within the United States and internationally.  Coming into Espérer, I felt I had being living under a rock my entire life.  But actually, I was just living on one.  Being from Hawaii, I was a typical island girl who was so naïve to the injustices and issues in the world.  Besides our own focuses of human trafficking and sustainability, I have learned to look beyond the safe bubble on the LMU bluff, and understand the issues we may directly or indirectly encounter everyday."

"Throughout my freshman year, I was that classic quiet and shy girl. Espérer has given me a place on campus that I can feel safe and comfortable to come to be who I am today.  It also has motivated me to be better than I thought I could be.”

2) How do you balance Espérer, a sorority, and school?

“This question makes me laugh, just because I honestly don’t know how I balance it.  It is a daily struggle.  Sometimes I succeed, but many times I fail, horribly. On days that I complete everything on my check list, I feel like I am just on top of my game.  Other times, I don’t.   This can be seen when my roommates may catch me taking naps or going on Pinterest - procrastinating for an hour, or two, or three. Being a month into this new semester of school, with this new position and newfound lack of time, one of the things I have learned is that the idea of balance is so subjective.  I feel that my main priority this semester is to not necessarily balance all of these large priorities in my life, but to stay passionate about them all.  It is my passion about my sorority, Delta Gamma, my service organization, and my future that drives me to make it all work.  I truly believe in all of these organizations, and feel they all help me to tap into the most important aspects in my life: friendship, service and learning.”

3) What is your favorite television show?

“My favorite TV show right now just ended, and it is kind of devastating!  I lived, breathed, and dreamed The Biggest Loser. I love watching people completely transform their lives and slowly shed all of their emotional baggage, gaining confidence in themselves throughout the season. Now that LMU has HBOGo, I’m in search of my new obsession.  My current life crisis: to watch Game of Thrones or not to watch Game of Thrones.”