Campus Celebrity: Cole Madden

This week's Campus Celebrity is junior graphic design major Cole Madden. While he may be an East Coast native, he has fully embraced the Cali life style from surfing to flip flops  - and his supposed ability to talk to dolphins. Find out Cole's take on Greek Life at LMU and a few little known facts about him in this week's interview:
What's it like going to school across country?
"It's awesome because I have been able to meet new people and live in a place where board shorts and flips flops are acceptable to wear 365 days out of the year." 
Do you play any sports or have any hobbies?
"I surf from time to time, and enjoy hiking and just being out in nature."
Are you involved in anything on campus? 
"I am a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon."
What's the best part about being in Greek Life? What do you think people (or you specifically) get out of it?
"The best part of Greek life here at LMU is how small it is because it allows you to know guys and girls from different organizations. I think the main thing that people get out of Greek life is confidence in who they are, and who they want to become." 
Do you think it has changed you at all?
"Being in Greek Life has definitely changed me, but for the better - I swear."
Congrats on becoming Alpha Phi's newest Ivy Man! What exactly does the position involve?
"Being Ivy Man means I am able to represent and be a part of an organization here at LMU that helps improve Greek life every single day. It's really humbling to be elected as Alpha Phi's sweetheart, and I am just excited for the year to come!"
Any hidden talents?
"I can talk to Dolphins...." 
What's something no one knows about you?
"I love cooking my mom's recipes for people."
Most embarrassing childhood memory?
"I threw up in front of my second grade class. I had a burrito for lunch."
Campus Cutie (right) then...
Campus Cutie now..