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This season of The Bachelor was fun to watch and definitely unique. The Bachelor, Chris Soules, is a farmer from Iowa. The best part of the season was watching the girls try their best to be “ok” about the fact that his town, Arlington, is so ridiculously small. It looked like a ghost town on screen, and there is pretty much nothing to do there except farm. Most of the girls on the season were from Los Angeles or other big cities around the U.S., so moving to Arlington would be quite an adjustment. Throughout the season, the girls tried to win Soules over by telling him that they would be fine with moving, even though most probably would not survive for more than a few weeks there.

The woman Soules proposes to on the season finale is Whitney Bischoff: beautiful, blonde, and bubbly. Soules had a connection with her throughout the season, but towards the end, it seemed like he chose her because she was so in love with him, while the others were not. I’m sure they are very happy together, but probably because she only watched the parts of the season that she was in (or so she claims). She did not watch Soules kissing all of the other women in the house, or watch his dad say that Soules loves Becca, the runner-up.

This season was funny, but it was pretty obvious that the producers of the show created most of the drama in the house. The girls had a lot of issues with each other, but the drama was played up way more than it needed to be. It also seemed like all of the girls chosen to be on the show were emotionally damaged or still trying to get over a past relationship. I felt like Soules was just listening to all of the girl’s dramatic stories and consoling them the whole season. Overall, this season was better than most – even though my eyes were rolling every two seconds.

Can we just talk about next season of The Bachelorette? ABC decided to have two bachelorettes, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, fight for the love of 25 men. Apparently, the men will decide on the first episode who they think is more “wife” material. Fans and past contestants have been speaking up about how disgusting they think that is. Having both women on the show will be hurtful since they will be judged right away, likely based on looks. One girl will go home the first night, and have to relive the rejection all over again.

Next season will probably be crazy, and who knows if ABC will actually go through with their plan. I am always hopeful that someone will find love in the end!  

Chris and Whitney on the latest issue of People Magazine.

*Default photo via Hollywood Life