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The Bachelor Finale, As Told By The Kardashians

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

Ben Higgin’s journey to find love came to an end on Monday night. Yes, he did end up with a fiancé, but we aren’t quite ready to let go of quite possibly our favorite season of the bachelor yet. For the .0001% of you that have not yet seen the finale, or had the ending ruined on social media, stop reading now because this post is full of spoilers. Like Chris Harrison said, this season (and let’s be real, every other season of The Bachelor ever) had the most dramatic season finale yet! Who better to help us recap the show than our fave drama queens, the Kardashians.


The show started with Ben talking to his parents, explaining the women they will meet and how he happens to be in love with both of them…and told both of them. It was clear that Ben’s mom was not too excited about that.


Lauren meeting the parents seemed to be going great, until his mom asked if she’s ready to face some hard time because apparently Ben can be pretty difficult. 


But Lauren’s answer didn’t seem to ease his mom’s worries, which had us thinking: is this a clue? Does his mom tell him Lauren isn’t the one so he chooses Jojo? We just want to know who he picks! But in the end his parents didn’t give Ben much help, instead just telling him that both girls seemed great. 


Lauren B. had the first one on one which was pretty similar to every other date they’ve ever had ever.


Ben was confused about whom to choose, and Lauren could tell he was struggling. Although she doesn’t seem to understand that he loves them both, which really is the name of the game. She maybe started to understand his feelings for Jojo toward the end of the date, but it had us thinking she might not know what she signed up for. 


Next Jojo had her one-on-one, and things quickly became dramatic. We’re still not sure how they ended up on a bathroom floor, but there they were, sitting on the floor crying. At this point Ben decides to disclose to Jojo that not only does he love her, but he also loves Lauren B. – and he told her, too.

Ben’s just breaking all the rules isn’t he!


We’re then shown Ben trying to make a decision while being understandably torn between the two. Frankly, we can’t feel too bad for him; he is forced to choose between two AMAZING girls. 


Finally, the moment comes and it’s and inevitable fact that whoever gets out of the helicopter first is about to be broken up with. And it’s… Jojo. Ben then proceeds to break up with her in the worst possible way by telling her even though he loves her, he loves someone else more. 


We can only imagine Jojo was thinking something like this during the worst breakup of all time. 


So that means… Ben is going to propose to Lauren B! It was hard to be excited about Ben finding love after the gut-wrenching breakup with Jojo, but regardless we’re happy for them. In the end we did a little happy dance because Ben found love, and let’s be real, we all knew he was going to pick Lauren B. from the very beginning. 


The best part of the episode definitively came during After the Final Rose when Chris Harrison (craftily) announced that Jojo is the new Bachelorette! Mark your calendars for May 23rd when her season is set to begin. Only two more months until we can become completely emotionally involved in another set of made-for-good-TV relationships. We know we can’t wait!