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Alli Webb Speaks About Successes of Drybar at Hilton Center for Business

On Tuesday, September 17th, the LMU College of Business Administration hosted Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, for a question and answer session. 

Alli Webb opened the first Drybar in Brentwood, California ten years ago. Since then, she and her business have skyrocketed into fame and success with over 90 locations nationwide. 

The College of Business Administration hosted Webb as part of the Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur series. The question and answer session was moderated by a current CBA faculty member. The moderator asked a wide variety of questions…from how she got started to how she handles the ups and downs of running your her own business. 

When asked about her impressive success stories, Webb humbly stated that, “No one is more blown away than me, I mean it is such a trip.” 

The auditorium was filled with students, mostly those studying business and entrepreneurship. I believe one of the reasons the event was so popular was because Drybar is known and their products are utilized by many throughout the LMU community. It was such a great opportunity to be able to listen to the firsthand experiences shared by Webb. 

The event was especially impactful for the young women in the audience. I personally felt very inspired after hearing Webb discuss how she ran and created an entire business at such a young age. 

Throughout the discussion, Webb mentioned girl power, and how she felt even more motivated to work harder when people underestimated her. I definitely think many students felt inspired and encouraged after leaving the event and I hope LMU hosts more programs and events like it soon!



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