8 Female Music Artists I Found on Tik Tok

Just like everyone else right now, I’m on TikTok constantly. In between vegan recipes, comedy bits, and cute cats, I’ve also been exposed to a lot of new music. Not only are songs gaining traction as audios for popular trends, but artists are utilizing TikTok as a marketing tool to the masses. In an industry dominated most successfully by men, new non-male music artists are always a gem to find. Here are 8 female musical artists that I found through TikTok:


1. Avenue Beat

Avenue Beat, a girl group, first popped up on my For You Page (FYP) dancing to their yet-to-be-released track “i don’t really like your boyfriend.” However, they blew up into the mainstream with their quarantine anthem “F2020” a couple of months later. This track quickly became a popular audio for creators to use as a soundtrack for how they felt (and still do feel) during the pandemic. Avenue Beat’s music is upbeat and irreverently catchy.

Tracks to check out: WOMAN, F2020, i don’t really like your boyfriend, Delight


2. Mothica

Similar to Avenue Beat, the solo singer Mothica popped up on my FYP lip-syncing to her own track “VICES'' prior to its release. Following the consistent comments begging her to release the track on Spotify, “VICES” was released as a single in June of 2020, quickly followed by her second studio album “Blue Hour” in August. Mothica’s signature musical style consists of high-energy dance beats, memorable choruses, and fun vocoding effects.

Track to check out: VICES, forever fifteen, Crossfire, Overthinking


3. Chloe Tang

I discovered Chloe Tang when a TikTok showed up on my FYP from the previously mentioned artist, Mothica, recommending female artists she herself found through the app. Borrowing from pop, R&B, salsa, and dance genres, Chloe Tang’s music is dynamic, catchy, and the perfect music to dance to.

Tracks to check out: Hype, Fanning The Flame, I’d Kill, Voicemails


4. Lavalove

Lavalove is another girl group that popped up on my FYP, but they weren’t promoting their music in the video I saw. Rather, the band posted a video of a Valentine’s Day photoshoot they did, but their username @lavaloveband is what intrigued on what other content they had to offer. I discovered their soft and ethereal bedroom pop music. The band consists of four girls with an obvious passion for their craft. 

Tracks to check out: Luck in Love, Cancer Baby, Aurora, Baby Blue Beluga Moon


5. Six:42

I also found Six:42 through their fun, rather than promotional, content on TikTok. With some videos of themselves joining audio trends and some of their band practices, six:42 is a 5-piece girl group with a lot of personality. They only have one track out so far, but the light indie sound of their debut track has me excited for their future in the industry. 

Tracks to check out: Pluto


6. Blu DeTiger

Rather than my TikTok algorithm recommending a video she posted, I discovered Blu DeTiger’s music through the extremely popular audio of her song “Figure It Out.” Blu is an extremely talented bassist, adding funky bass lines to her tracks. Heavily influenced by the disco scene, Blu DeTiger’s music is all that I want for post-COVID clubbing.

Tracks to check out: Figure It Out, Vintage, Tangerine, Mad Love


7. Koren Grace

Instead of finding her on my own FYP, my friend sent me Koren Grace knowing I was always on the lookout for new artists to listen to. Koren Grace’s music perfectly blends traditional pop and R&B vocals with primarily piano-driven indie-pop. 

Tracks to check out: Ego, My World, Lovesick, Fun.



UPSAHL’s “Drugs” and “People I Don’t Like” have been popular TikTok audios for months on end, acting as the soundtrack to makeup transformation, art time lapses, and outfit sequences, among other types of content. UPSAHL’s mid-tempo dance beats and her effortlessly cool voice make for the perfect “cool girl” soundtrack. 

Tracks to check out: Drugs, People I Don’t Like, STOP!, Young Life Crisis