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7 Thoughts that Ran Through My Brain When Looking Back on Filming a Video for Seventeen Magazine’s Youtube

By Alexis Sabo

Have you ever looked at Youtube videos on Vogue, Seventeen, etc. and wondered what it would be like to be in one? Is it all fun and games or actually serious behind the scenes? Well, if you couldn’t tell from the title of this article, or you check Youtube videos every once in a while, I recently became one of those people filmed in a viral Youtube video for Seventeen Magazine. 

Whether you happened to stumble across it or not, I participated in a video series called ‘Bestie Pics Bae’. For those of you who haven’t watched it, I was cast alongside my three best friends (one of them being my sister) to be on an episode of this ‘Bachelor’ type show for tweens on Seventeen’s Youtube page, which entailed me being blindfolded and allowing my friends to choose a guy for me based on similar interests, personality and who they think I would be most compatible with. What was I thinking throughout the whole process – find out below!

The Seventeen headquarters in NYC is awesome

Walking in, I saw what looked like the coolest work environment with large video screens and creative faces everywhere! Everyone was so friendly and gave off such great energy that made all of us so excited to film the video. 

It was actually really hot in the room

Watching the video it seemed like we were all chilling and having a great time, but little did you know the lights were beaming down on us which then made me quite hot. It’s fine though I be the sweat made for a great first impression ;)

My friends were so supportive and happy for me

The one reason I became even more excited to do the video was mainly because of the amount of support my three friends gave me while filming the episode. They were so happy for me and excited for the opportunity, and I was grateful they got to experience it with me. 

People can be really mean on Youtube

All my life I had been one of those kids who wanted to create a Youtube channel for styling clothes and I think it’s safe to say that I am SO grateful that never happened. While looking through the comments on the video (a mistake in itself) I saw a lot of negative ones about not only me but everyone who participated in the video. I quickly told myself I couldn’t let it get to me (because internet trolls are just jealous low-lives), but it made me really glad I had never experienced it until now. Let’s face it, it doesn’t feel good when someone calls you out on your insecurities. 

All the guys were really cool

The guys who participated in the show were so great and nice! I’m even still friends with the one who won the show and we filmed a follow-up video together which was awesome. I’m not gonna lie though I definitely didn’t like the fact that they tried to set me up with 15-year-olds but no big deal it all worked out for the best.

No, I would NOT dump a guy if he liked sour candy

Watch the video and you will understand this comment. 

So yea, I’m basically famous (I’m completely kidding if you couldn’t read my sarcasm)

Check out the video and the follow-up video!

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