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6 Signs You And Your Ex Are On The Road To Getting Back Together

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

While specific situations and scenarios are always different, the core question for most women after a breakup is: are we going to get back together? And considering that you’re reading this article, you are probably asking yourself this question because, in one way or another, you still have hope that you and your ex will eventually find your way back to each other. 

This is completely normal. Whether it’s because you haven’t given up on your feelings and forgotten all your memories with him or her, or if it’s because they are still in your life within school, mutual friends, or somehow you’re constantly running into them. You then may start to wonder whether it is still possible to rekindle a past relationship and secretly hoping that things will change in your past relationship. Then soon enough, you guys are snapchatting again, talking more in person, getting meals together, and seeing each other so frequently. But you’re still broken up? Confusing right? Well, maybe not for long (; 

Here are 6 signs you and your ex are on the road to getting back together.


1. Still in Touch & Communicating

If you and your ex are still in touch where he or she is calling and texting you more frequently, that’s a sign things are not over between you two, especially if they were the one to reach out and initiate getting back in touch. It could mean they are interested in getting to know you again and maybe re-visit the relationship because after most breakups ex’s take time and space and have no contact. Plus, if your ex is the one initiating communication and responds quickly when you respond, it’s even better.

So, when those snapchats turn into him or her becoming your #1 best friend, those phone calls turn into FaceTimes, and those texts turn into funny, flirty, and sweet messages, that may be a sign you guys are moving closer.


2. They Discuss Past Moments & Memories

If your ex is trying to make you remember all the fun moments and special memories you’ve shared, it is definitely a white flag. Let’s be real, no ex especially a GUY will just bring up memories from when you were dating for nothing. It might mean they are trying to reignite that spark. They may want you to forget all the fighting, bad memories, and why you broke up at all. Hence, them bringing up crazy activities you did, all those times that made you laugh till you cried, and some of the memories that just bring so much warmth and love to your heart.


3. Working on Themselves and Taking Responsibility  

Everyone has heard the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” In this case, when it comes to relationships, everything that seemed to “kill you” really bothered you. These were bad parts of the relationship and are all things that you can learn from in the future and make you a stronger and better person. If your ex is changing the things you didn’t really like so much, that’s a really big sign that they want you back. This is because they’re hoping you’ll notice and may come back to them. Especially if they are telling you that they are working hard on themselves and they are determined/trying to change everything that has ever annoyed you or something you didn’t quite like on them. While changing, they may have taken on some responsibility. If they take responsibility for their wrong actions in contributing to a relationship ending, they value you and don’t want to end up losing you.


4. Jealousy

Being jealous or someone trying to make you jealous can be described in one sound: ugggghhhh. But an ex wouldn’t be jealous if no feelings were involved. If they’re trying to talk about other cute girls or guys, so you would hear or show off, it’s not because they don’t like you a lot. It is because they like you a lot and want to see if you still care enough for them to show jealousy. 

If he or she is bothered by you going to a party, a new amount of attention, or any other reason … they’re looking to get back together.


5. Opening up & Discussing What Happened

If your ex is opening up and sharing info about their life, like who they are as a person, and is interested in yours, then it’s possible they’re trying to reconnect again as well as trust you. And while opening up, you may get a sense of why things happened the way they did and why the breakup happened. If you and your ex discuss what went wrong, it means they are either looking for closure and maybe you can improve together. It’s worth trying to see if things can be different. Having a genuine conversation and working on yourself allows room for healing and growth, which are things you need to restart a relationship.


6. The Spark Never Died

If you and your ex still have a strong emotional and physical connection, there is a chance you two will end up getting back together. If you both still feel this spark, it means both of your hearts beat a little differently around each other, and they have an effect on you that no other girl or guy has. It can be confusing, I know, but if you trust in the process and give time, you may realize that your ex still has that spark they just need time to miss you and realize for themselves it’s still there. 

Now when I talk about spark make sure it is a happy and stable one because you should never be in a toxic relationship <3


I hope these 6 tips helped you realize whether or not you and your ex may be working towards rekindling your relationship and getting back together, and I hope it works out because I have a feeling you wouldn’t be looking at this article if you didn’t want that to happen. But let me just tell you, along with these 6 tips, also evaluate yourself, your life, the other person, and what you truly want. Just because a couple has the option to get back together doesn’t mean they should. However, every relationship is so different, so if you feel you and your ex have the potential to be happy together, go for it and don’t give up!

. Hello! My name is Bailee Ojogho. I am 18 years old, grew up in both California and Washington. I am attending Loyola Marymount for college, class of 2024. I absolutely love writing and have a very big passion for it!