6 Best Tips for Getting Through the Airport During Thanksgiving

Dress for comfort

Wear comfy clothes, like sweatpants, sweatshirts, and comfortable shoes to make your trip easier… because who wants to wait around and sit in an uncomfortable chair for hours in tight jeans? The airport isn’t a fashion show, so feel free to wear what is most comfortable!


Pack lightly

Don’t check a bag––too much can go wrong! If you are only going home for a few days, you don’t need that much stuff. You only need a backpack or purse, which counts as a personal item, and a carry-on item. However, make sure that your carry-on item complies with your airline’s standards.


Pack Smart

There are few things you can do to be the most efficient with your packing. First, check the weather––Make sure that you will actually wear the clothes that you are bringing. Second, roll your––Rolling clothes allows for a lot more space when packing, also rolling small items into shoes maximizes space. Obviously some shirts get wrinkled when they are rolled, so an easy tip is to just use a blow dryer to straighten the creases! Third, try to avoid getting stopped by TSA for a quicker process––Make sure that your liquids follow the TSA guidelines, no one wants to throw away a full container of lotion or toner!


Give yourself more time than you think you need

It can be difficult to predict how much traffic or how busy the airport is going to be, so give yourself a little buffer of time just to be safe and to prevent missing your flight (because that sucks).


Pack snacks and a portable charger

Your flight can be delayed, so to be more comfortable in the airport while waiting, pack a few snacks and bring a portable charger.


Check into your flight on time

Set a reminder 24 hours before your flight to check into your flight. You can do this on your phone or computer. Most likely, flights are going to be packed, so make sure that you get into an early boarding group so there is enough space for your carry-on bag. Don’t have to wait for your luggage at the end.


Always wear headphones

Listening to music can be very calming and stress-reducing. Blocking out the airport stress and chaos can make the difference in one’s trip. Any way to reduce stress while traveling is a must, as airports and airplanes can be very stressful environments. Make a quick playlist with your favorite jams, and have a safe flight!