5 Underrated TV Shows You Have to Start Watching

With thousands of TV shows to choose from, it can be difficult and overwhelming to find a quality show. Spending too long on Netflix trying to find the perfect show can ruin the mood. We all know that feeling after finishing a show we were interested in. Here is a list of 5 binge-worthy TV shows that are extremely underrated.

1. The Good Place

“The Good Place” is a quirky comedy show that can be found on Netflix. The show focuses on one character, Eleanor Shellstrop. Soon into the show, she realizes that she shouldn’t be in the Good Place because she wasn’t a good person on Earth. It manages to talk about the afterlife without involving religion, allowing a wide variety of people to watch and enjoy. It’s witty and smart, and is full of laughs while also tackling some serious real life issues.


2. Total Drama Island

“Total Drama Island” is a show that many of you may have watched in your middle school days. But, this show is still relevant to watch as a college student. It is a cartoon version of survivor, and is very relatable. It is the perfect show to watch for an easy laugh. The writing is clever and humorous, and is perfect for a night in with friends.  



3. The OA

“The OA”, a story of redemption, second chances, and overcoming the odds, and coincidentally one of the most criminally underrated shows on Netflix. “The OA” follows the story of Prairie Johnson, a woman who lost her eyesight as a child and miraculously regained it in a near death experience. She recounts her tumultuous story to 4 new friends, and discovers that her past is the key to being able to survive the future.



4. The 100

“The 100” is a sci-fi series filled with adventure and romance. This show is similar to “The OA”. The premise of the show is about survival in a post-apocalyptic. While there is tons of action and conflict, there is also plenty of romance and drama. This show is extremely underrated, and is a fantastic watch. There is never a dull moment in this show.



5. Rick and Morty

I know this show isn’t very underrated, but I had to include it on the list. When I came to LMU, I had never seen the show. It wasn’t very popular at home, and I didn’t have any real desire to watch it. However, my friend was quick to notice how I had never seen it before. So, she made me watch the first episode, and I fell in love. This animated show may seem superficial, and only comical. However, the show deals with several deeper issues of life, and also puts a fun twist on things. This show is very unique, and can seem confusing at first, but will definitely make you think.