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5 Things to Try in Spain

Here’s some tips for embracing the local lifestyle on a weekend in Spain.


After spending the last weekend in Madrid, I reflected on whether I made the most of the Spanish lifestyle. Spain seemed to offer a lot of reminders of home which I’ve been missing while abroad. Coming from Rome, a city which has to a higher degree resisted Americanization, it was easy to be excited by the opportunity to get my daily Starbucks or grab some amazing Mexican food. Likewise, when heading to Barcelona, the coastal beaches which remind me of home are an easy distraction from the city itself. While it’s great to have to opportunity indulge in your usual lifestyle for a weekend while abroad, be sure to try these things as well to truly embrace your time in Spain.


1)Take time for tapas

Not unlike the rest of Europe, Spain loves to take their time in serving your meals. While any time you sit down for a multi hour meal you get lots of time to socialize with your loved ones, one of Spain’s famous traditions, tapas, is an even better way to enjoy quality time. Order a bunch of your favorite dishes and share them with the entire table. After all, what better to bring people together than food?


2)Try the Spanish nightlife

You’ve probably heard before that Spain is an amazing country to dance in all night, but did you know they actually don’t start the party until the middle of the night? An early entry discount to many clubs is if you come in before 1:30 A.M., which can be hard to wrap your head around if you’re used to the last call being at 2 A.M.. If you can manage to stay up until the middle of the night though, you won’t be disappointed by the dance clubs which keep going into the early morning.


3)Taste paella and Spanish tortilla

Tapas are not the only must try food you should be grabbing while in Spain. Paella, a delicious dish of rice mixed with different meats or fish, is a fantastic and unique taste which can also often be shared. If paella doesn’t sound like your favorite food, try a taste of tortilla. Not at all similar to what we in LA typically refer to as tortilla, the dish is a delicious combination of eggs and potatoes, much thicker and more filling than our tortillas.


4)Take in beautiful buildings of worship

Spain is filled with gorgeous architecture, a few of which are different buildings of worship. My favorite in Madrid was the Egyptian Temple, a temple with a gorgeous view out over the city. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, la Sagrada Familia, a church originally started by Gaudi which has been under construction for about a hundred years, is a site not to be missed.


5)Savour a siesta

After all these adventures and eating, you might find yourself rather exhausted! Lucky for you, a siesta, which is basically a city-wide nap, is pretty common in parts of Spain. Check out store hours before heading out in case everything is closed, or better yet catch a little shut eye along with the locals.


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