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5 Things I Learned from Los Angeles Fashion Week     

Volunteering at LAFW was one of the most amazing experiences that I had. The fast-paced environment tended to be a little stressful, but watching everyone enjoy the show and all the activities that came with it made everything worth it.

1. VIP are Really Nice People…Most of the Time.

Honestly, interacting with the VIP was the best. They all had stories to share ,and advice to give. After the show a lot of them went up to me to shake my hand and to thank me because they enjoyed the show. They made me almost forget that I was just a volunteer! Of course, there were some entitled people who acted like they owned everything ,but you can’t let a couple of people make your night sour!


2.  A Fast-Paced Environment Isn’t as Bad as I Thought it Would be.Whenever a job description says “comfortable with working in a fast-paced environment” I get a little worried ,but usually apply anyways because I need the money. However, working in a fast-paced environment is not the death wish I thought it would be. Instead, I thought it was fun to challenge myself to see how much I could get done and a way to boost my skills.

3. The Importance of Sitting

Standing on you legs for hours straight is very no bueno. There was a time where I just wished my legs would go completely numb so that I wouldn’t have to feel the pain anymore. The moments when I did get to sit I cherished so much ,and I now make sure to never take sitting for granted (well, it’s not like I did before ,but whatever).

4. Having an Open Bar is of Utmost Importance

Guests loved to drink and who can blame them? Being at a event where all your friends are and watching beautiful models walk down the runway in outstanding clothing…all you need is something to drink to really make it a party. On Saturday one of the bars ran out of drinks for a little bit and I remember people asking me “Is there another bar?” An open bar running out of drinks is like going to Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday, utterly disappointing. If I ever have an open bar at any event I’m making sure that I have gallons of drinks to quench everyone’s thirst

5. I Would do it All Over AgainThe good definitely outweighed the bad in all aspects. It was a lot of fun, and I felt like I developed my communications skills a lot which will help me in the professional world. I got to meet a bunch of different people and learn a little about their lives. I’m so sad that LAFW only comes once a year ,but I’m already prepared to send in another volunteer application. You should too!


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