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5 ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Inspired Outfits

If you’re like me, or any crazed Stranger Things fan, you’ve just binged the newly released third season. Set in 1985, this season leans deep into 80’s nostalgia. From New Coke, to Glamour Shots, to riding in the back of a station wagon, the Duffer Brothers essentially transport their viewers back in time. 

What’s drawn viewers in—as I know it has for me—to this nostalgia were all of the awesome 80’s outfits shown throughout the season. Located in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, the gang has been stuck in dated fashion trends for the past two seasons.

Now with the arrival of the new Starcourt Mall in town, Hawkins residents have the chance to go full out with classic 80’s fashion. One of the most iconic scenes from this season is the montage in episode two filmed to Madonna’s “Material Girl” as Max (Sadie Sink) shows Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) around Starcourt Mall for the first time.

One of my favorite lines from that episode was when Max tells her to “try things on until you find something that feels like you. Not Hopper, not Mike. You.” This season it was so exciting and refreshing to see Eleven diverge from oversized flannels, create her own identity, and to just be a normal teenage girl.

Below are five 80’s-inspired outfits recreated from season three of Stranger Things:


Look #1: Max Mayfield


Everlane Muscle Tank, $18; Madewell Vintage Short, $69.50; Amazon Canvas Belt, $4.05; Converse Red High Top, $55.00; Casio Digital Watch, $23.01.

Yellow is the epitome of summer colors, so given that this season takes place in the summer of 1985, Max’s shirt is right on theme. I chose these Madewell shorts because I feel as if the wash and cut give off a really nice vintage look, almost identical to the pair Max wears. In classic 80’s fashion, of course, I had to add the iconic rainbow stripe canvas belt and Casio digital watch Max sports in this scene. Although, if I were to revamp this look for a more “modern day feel,” I would swap out the canvas belt for a brown or black leather belt (Target, $9.99), and possibly even cuff the shorts. One more product that is timeless is Max’s red high top Converse that complete her tomboy, yet girly look.



Look #2: Eleven


Everlane Short-Sleeve Shirt, $58; Madewell Tapered Jeans, $89.99; Reebok Freestyle Hi, $75; Urban Outfitters Scrunchie Set, $12; Party City Suspenders, $7.99.

From the scrunchie, to the paint splattered button up, to the Reebok Freestyle Hi shoes, this is such an iconic 80’s look. As much as I love Eleven’s new sense of fashion, I decided to ditch the paint splatters and go with a plain black boxy button up. It still gives off the same retro feel, but is a more modern and simple option. As far as Eleven’s jeans go, thankfully mom jeans are still in style. For the scrunchie, Urban Outfitters sells a set that has a yellow scrunchie just like Eleven’s. Introduced in 1982, the Reebok Freestyle Hi sneakers were a huge fashion fad throughout the decade. We see Eleven sporting a pair herself throughout the season. Though these are some pretty rad retro shoes, if I were to go for a more modern look I would pair this outfit with white low top sneakers, such as the Reebok Club C 85 (Reebok, $70). Along with that, I would ditch the blue suspenders and wear a brown, black, or blue (if you want to keep the color) leather belt.



Look #3: Erica Sinclair


Shein Ruffle Cuff Tee, $7; Ban.do x Nooworks Overall Dress, $128; Bauble Bar Bracelet, $32; Mini Kånken in Orchid, $70.

A somewhat new character this season, Erica is packed with spunk and quirk. Just like her demeanor, her outfits also convey her character and charm. For the statement piece of the outfit, I went for Ban.do’s rainbow overall dress and thought it was perfect for this look. Though the dress is adorable, it is a little pricey, so a cheaper alternative is Rue21’s Rainbow Overall Shorts ($9). I love Erica’s accessories, and Bauble Bar’s Cyprus Bracelet is the perfect combination of her necklace’s heart beads and the rainbow colors from her bracelet. Although Erica’s My Little Pony backpack may be iconic (cough cough, NERD), I decided to switch it out for a mini Kånken backpack in the same color.



Look #4: Max Mayfield



Romwe Ringer Tee, $10.95; Cotton On Paperbag Short, $39.99; Fat Face Belt, $31.19; Vans UA Era 95 DX, $75; Vans Summit Sock, $10; Casio Digital Watch, $23.01.

Other than her Georgie-from-It-esque look, this has to be my favorite Max outfit. Article& sells the exact shirt Max wears in the show, but unfortunately it’s currently sold out. Thankfully, Romwe sells a very similar ringer tee! Here, Max sports another iconic fashion fad from the 80’s: paperbag shorts. As a fan of high-waisted bottoms myself, I think they’re so cute, especially when paired with the heavily 80’s inspired Aztec woven belt. Topping off the look, I included Max’s red and white checkered Vans socks she’s seen dancing in with Eleven, her retro-colored Old Skool Vans, and her yellow Casio watch.



Look #5: Eleven


Madewell Vintage Tee, $16; D. Jeans Paperbag Jeans, $16.99; The British Belt Company Aztec Woven Belt, $48.26; Reebok Freestyle Hi, $75; Hanes Crew Socks, $11.60. 

Even though Eleven developed her own sense of style this season, it looks as if she drew a little inspiration for her pants from her new best friend Max. Here, Eleven also sports the paperbag pants fad while pairing it with an Aztec woven belt. Although missing the stripe detailing, T.J. Maxx sells almost the exact same pair of pants as Eleven’s. Once again, Eleven is wearing her Reebok Freestyle Hi sneakers, which I would switch out for a lowrise sneaker if I were going for a “modern day look”.

Sofia is a double Screenwriting & Journalism major at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Twitter: @sofiacmiera Instgram: @sofiacmiera
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