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5 Must See Sights in San Francisco

Spring break is here! Time to relax and enjoy the one-week off from college life, this spring break I went to San Francisco (for the first time) to release the stress off from stacks of papers, projects, quiz, and midterms. For a first-guide travel (like me!) here I’m going to share recommendations for places to go!

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, the most iconic building from San Francisco was magnificent, located just 15 minutes away from the Pier. Around the area there are restaurants, and souvenir shops plus an information center to get a better view for the bridge!  Transportation are widely available here which tourist can either use car (Uber, Private cars) or if you want to save money, using the Bus is an affordable alternative transportation costs around $2-$4/ way


2. SF Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA)

One of the best museum in town offers a variety of modern art pieces from paintings, fine arts, to contemporary arts are available here            

P.S : if you are still 18 and below you can get a free tickets. Youth adult (19-24) = $19 fee

3.Pier 39

Pier 39 was one of the most popular tourist attraction located along the pier, which was also a shopping center that offers a variety of shops from chocolates, candies, souvenir shops, restaurants, and street foods (hot dogs, waffles, pancakes, etc) .


4. Union Square

Located just 10 mins walk from the SF MOMA, Union Square was one of the most busiest district in SF, that offers shopping malls, dining,  hotels, theaters. Transportation stations from BART train to bus are available here!


5. China Town

Tourist destination around SF were actually located only several blocks away, mostly are walking distance. China Town in SF was the oldest and most well-established China Town neighbourhood. Found here were temples, bakery, chinese restaurants from street snacks to dimsum, souvenir shop and also the Chinese Historical Society of  American Museum

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