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The rain has stopped, the midterms are behind us so what does that mean? Well, you guessed it, let’s go out and explore what this city has to offer & what better way to do that then go to some museums!  

1. The Getty

Not only will you be able to see some breathtaking pieces of art, but you will also be able to take in the views of LA that will catch your eye as you walk from exhibit to exhibit.


2. The Getty Villa

What’s better then geeking out over the Greek and Roman art we were all obsessed with while reading Percy Jackson in middle school? That’s right, nothing. The only thing that makes this incredible museum that much more incredible is the fact that it’s located in Malibu, so make sure to pack some beach towels!


3. The Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art (LACMA)

Yep, you’ve seen the pictures of these yellow spaghetti looking things and those lamp posts that are in front of LACMA all all over your Instagram feed, so why not go and see it for yourself? And while you’re at it, stop by any of the other museums that are located on the very same block!


4. The Broad

The Broad is truly unlike any museum or gallery you’ve ever been to. Fair warning, you’ll be stopping to take pictures of and by everything you manage to lay your eyes on.


5. The Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

From graffiti to collages, this place has it all. Prepare to make a day out of this museum trip because you will spend tons of time trying to take the perfect pictures for your fun Snapchat streaks, your artsy Instagrams, and even for Facebook so your random family members can be in awe too.


I'm Simona and I'm from Los Angeles! I am double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. Outside of school, I love going out with friends, traveling, and going on spontaneous adventures.
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