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5 Music Festival Survival Tips

Ah yes, music festival season.

With all the fun and excitement that comes with a music festival, it can be easy to forget some essential items and tricks along the process. Having just come back from Life is Beautiful, a festival in Las Vegas, my friends and I definitely learned some do’s and don’ts. Here are 5 items and tips on how to not only survive, but THRIVE during your next festival:

1. Load up on sunscreen

You’ll be out in the sun watching your favorite artists for hours, and while you might not know it in the moment, you’ll be catching some serious rays. Avoid having to push through the pain for the remaining days and put on a quick coat of sunscreen before you head out! I recommend going for 50+ SPF or higher just to be safe. PS: You’ll still tan with sunscreen on (#science), so save your skin! Do it for the pictures!!

2. Have a game plan before you get there

Usually festivals will have their own app where you can create and arrange your own personal setlist, so take advantage of this! Talk it out with your group and make sure everyone’s on the same page. This’ll prevent any musical crossroads at the venue itself and can also act as a way to locate your friends in an emergency, since I can guarantee spotty cell service.

3. W A T E R

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! Most venues will allow you to bring in reusable, empty, or factory sealed water bottles. Save money (and plastic) by doing this! They’ll have hydration stations where you can fill up which, in the heat, will feel like a holy mecca. My friends and I missed Daniel Caesar because we had to wait in line to buy $5 waters. Don’t be like me and my friends. If you are an avid festival goer, hiker, traveler (you get the gist) I would highly recommend investing in a Camelbak of some sort. Having your hands free makes such a difference.


4. Take pics beforehand

Simple, but key. Plan out some time before your first artist of the day to have a photo session. You’ll be able to relax as the day goes on knowing that you have some good mems and potential posts saved and ready to go. We learned to do this on the second day of the festival and I found myself to be waaay more relaxed.


5. Let loose!


You’ve made it to the festival. You’re probably with some great people. Try to let go of inhibitions. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so take full advantage of that. Dance like a lunatic and own it!


Whether you dance like this

Or this


Or prefer the more subtle “dad clap”

Do it!

Stay safe and have fun with it.


Hi! I'm Isa (pronounced like the iguana). I'm a sophomore Communications major at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, am part of a sorority, and am a barista at our student run coffee shop, The Den! I love writing, reality television, horror movies, and exploring new places :)
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