5 Fun Euphoria-Inspired Looks to Try!

Since its debut in June of 2019, Euphoria has exploded on the internet and is soon-to-be a cult classic in teen television.  Not only is it recognized for its grittiness and shock value in terms of actual content, but people can’t stop talking about Euphoria’s makeup.  Shortly after the season finale, the “Girls of Euphoria” started trending all over Twitter.  People were obsessing over the high-end editorial looks that these trendy teens were rocking.  Makeup is a form of creative expression and for me; it’s always been a way to channel whatever I’m feeling.  While watching this show, I really took notice of the makeup throughout each episode and saw they accomplished the same thing.  Each look represented exactly how these characters were feeling.  To sum it up, I was really inspired by this show’s honesty and its method of expressing that in a variety of ways.

As someone who didn’t even know how to do her eyebrows until senior year of high school, I thought trying these NYFW-esque looks would be really hard for me to accomplish.  However, I’ve learned that some of these looks aren’t difficult at all and just take some practice!  Here are my takes on some fun, easy-to-do Euphoria-Inspired looks!

Look One: Rue's Glitter Extravaganza

The show’s lead character, Rue has experienced a lot.  She is all over the place as she struggles to recover from drug addiction.  As a result, we see a lot of darker-tone eyelid colors and messily applied glitter to reflect that she’s not perfect but she still shines.

Before starting every look, I always use the Pore-fessional Primer to make sure the look lasts all night.  Next, I apply a purple eyeshadow all over the lid and blend gently to make sure it is spread evenly across and under the eye.  I then use a darker purple (or soft black) on my waterline to give a shape to my eyes.  After blending, I apply a silver or purple-tinted glitter all over my eyelid (Glossier is my personal favorite when it comes to glitter but Lemonhead or Colourpop are just as good).  You should also do areas around and under the eye to evoke that “imperfect” look.  Once that is done you can apply purple or black mascara!  Curl your hair to give yourself that Zendaya look and you’re done!

Look Two: Maddy's It-Girl Glam

Maddy Perez is the ultimate It-Girl.  All her outfits are perfect and she rocks every hallway she enters.  As a cheerleader and former pageant girl, she is used to highly stylized makeup looks that garner a lot of attention. She utilizes a lot of bright colors and pretty pastels along with diamond studs.  Here we can see that she values beauty and glam over most other things...and we’re here for it.

This look was a bit more complicated as her eye makeup is pretty intricate.  First, I started with a pale pink as my base color and brushed it all over the eyelid.  Then, I took a magenta color and blended it into my crease as well as my waterline.  After that, I carefully applied a hot pink liquid eyeliner and made it into a wing shape.  To make sure the lines were precise, I used a cotton swab to gently shape the lines.  I tried to get stick-on rhinestones but Ulta was out of them!  If I did have them, I would definitely have put them on my brows and in the corners of my eyes.

Look Three: Jules' Abstract Artwork

Jules has my favorite looks from the show, by far.  She enjoys anime and high-end fashion, which we can clearly see through her makeup.  Every look she’s had on the show is a form of abstract art, definitely the kind of stuff you’d see on a New York runway.  Jules likes to stand out and embrace what makes her unique.  She represents looks that don’t ascribe to a certain gender or sexuality.  Her looks are extremely fluid and iconic.

For this look, I began with a turquoise eye shadow and blended into the corner of my eye and only did that area.  After that, I took a pink eyeliner and traced a wing that starts at the corner and ends at the other side of my eye.  I finished by putting a tiny dot under the center of my eye.  The eyeliner I chose was a bit runny and didn’t maintain its shape, so I would definitely recommend an eyeliner that’s a felt tip, not liquid (Stila Eyeliner would be perfect).  I also put a touch of orange eyeshadow in my eyebrow just to add an extra pop!

Look Four: Kat's Hot Hues

As someone going through a major makeover in the show, Kat wants to be seen.  She wants the attention on her and her blooming sexuality.  Because of this, we see her in bright, solid colors that accentuate her facial features.

This one was pretty simple.  I just took multiple shades of green and applied them in layers.  I started with a muted green and then layered it with a sparkly green and finished with lots of mascara!

Look Five: Cassie's Girl-Next-Door Glow

Cassie is the classic girl-next-door and she knows it.  Because of this, her look is usually geared towards the male gaze.  However, her look morphs as she goes through big changes in her relationships with men and becomes more independent.  Her looks consist of lots of blush, dramatic cat-eye wings, and a good deal of mascara.

This look was my roommate's favorite, she thought it made my eyes pop the most!  I started with a creme color as my base and then used a tan-brown as the crease color.  I then used a solid black color and applied them under and across the eye as a form of eyeliner.  After that, I gave myself little wings at the end of my eyes (tape works really well to provide better precision if you want a definite shape).  I finished it off with lots of mascara (Although, fake eyelashes would’ve looked perfect with this eye makeup!). Give yourself some girly beach waves and you have the look down!