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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

Let’s face it, dorm rooms are pretty drab. Making the best of a small amount of space is incredibly important but difficult when it comes to decorating. However, even having one plant in your space can accessorize and bring life to a space that can often feel impersonal and bleak. Depending on the lighting in your room as well as the amount of space you have available, one of the plants on this list could make your dorm room go from drab to fab! Most of these plants thrive in medium bright indirect light, so be sure to keep them out of direct light. Other than that, these guys are generally easy to care for and adorable and will certainly make your dorm room feel more like home!

Silver pothos

This plant is one of my personal favorites that I have had in my room for about five months and is flourishing! It has heart-shaped leaves with a cool-toned silver color that is stunning. These guys are typically sold in smaller pots but absolutely love to grow! They require very little maintenance and like indirect light with water about once a week. They also do not need to be repotted right away and will thrive in the plastic pot it’s sold in. Silver pothos is also cascading, so if placed on a high surface, they will be gorgeous!


You’ve certainly seen these plants on sites like Pinterest. With their huge beautiful leaves, monsteras are guaranteed to draw the eye when placed in any room. While these plants can be somewhat expensive coming from nurseries, Trader Joe’s often sells them for around $12! I bought my monstera from Trader Joe’s, and it has been growing well! These plants require little water and like to be placed in bright indirect light. They do need a bit of space to grow (the leaves on mine are up against a wall!) so may not be best for people with little space.

Snake plant

This plant is notorious for being impossible to kill. They can be absolutely neglected and practically never die. Snake plants require little water and should only be watered after the soil has completely dried. These guys will thrive in practically any light condition.


There are endless variations of the peperomia plant, which you can explore here. These guys are typically pretty easy to care for but can be a bit temperamental sometimes when overwatered. They typically need to be watered once in a while after the soil completely dries. These plants are typically small and quite lush but are perfect for a limited amount of space as they do not usually overgrow or need to be repotted.


With their speckled colorful leaves, hypoestes are guaranteed to brighten up even the drabbest of dorm rooms! They typically grow in smaller pots and are not prone to overgrowing. Requiring watering about once a week, the hypoestes will definitely let you know when it needs to be watered as its leaves will go limp. These plants do like a bit more humidity than others.

All of these plants will definitely grow well and liven up any dorm room! Many of them don’t require too much care, and as long as they are watered enough and in the right lighting (not direct!), they should be okay! Buying plants can be a bit intimidating, but there is so much information online to assist with any problems that arise. Bloomscape is a great source for care instructions for almost every kind of houseplant. Plants genuinely have made a large difference in my quality of life and how I feel in my space, and I cannot recommend them enough!

Hey there! I'm Sophia Villamor, I'm an English major here at LMU, and am originally from the Bay Area. I love all things Disney, makeup, and fashion related.