5 of the Biggest Bombshells from On My Block: Season 2

The second season of the hit show, On My Block, was released onto Netflix this week and finally gave fans answers to the burning questions left by the season 1 finally. I decided to compile a list of the biggest, most shocking moments of the second season (spoilers ahead, obviously!):

  1. 1. Ruby and Jasmine become… friends?

    Jasmine has liked Ruby since the beginning of the show, but this season, we saw Ruby actually return some of the love to Jasmine. There were so many sweet moments between the two of them, fun moments like their amazing dance routine and sentimental moments like when Jasmine held Ruby as he cried.


  2. 2. Olivia was killed

    It was either Olivia or Ruby, and I think I’m speaking for all of us when I say, THANK GOD IT WASN’T RUBY.

  3. 3. Cesar’s gun didn’t work

    Cesar finally worked up the courage to face his problem head-on and attack Latrelle and his gun doesn’t work?!!!!

  4. 4. Oscar and Cesar were behind the entire setup

    I can’t even explain sheer amount of terror I felt when Oscar showed up at the Profit$ house right after Cesar had just ratted him and the entire Santos gang out.I also can’t explain the massive sigh of relief I let out when I found that Cesar and Oscar had planned the whole thing to buy Cesar out of trouble and frame the Profit$.

  5. 5. Ruby, Cesar, Jamal, and Monce get kidnapped?

    I honestly don’t know what to say about this one. Who! Took! Them!