4 Female-Led Brands on the Rise

  1. Wildflower Cases

Wildflower Cases was started by mother-daughter trio, Michelle, Devon, and Sydney Carlson in Los Angeles, CA just a few years back. The trio were eating at a restaurant when Miley Cyrus just so happened to notice a phone case that Michelle had made for her daughter. She was shocked to find out that these cases weren’t being sold and encouraged them to start their own website. Years later, Wildflower Cases is a huge success with thousands of cases being sold worldwide. Both Sydney and Devon have gained huge followings and model with huge brands like Juicy Couture and I.AM.GIA. Their limited edition cases can be spotted all over LMU’s campus.


2. Glossier


The makeup and skincare line, which has become a household name in the past year, was started by Emily Weiss in 2010. The now multi-million dollar brand encourages people to put their skincare first, makeup second, which is a pivotal, new concept in the makeup industry.


3. Danielle Guizio

Founded in 2014, by then 24 year old, Danielle Guizio founded her super chic clothing line with only $400 in her savings. Only four years later, her cool designs can be seen on every it-girl from Bella Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski. Just this year, at only 28 years old, she made it on to Forbes 30 under 30 list. Her brand is growing exponentially and is on track to becoming the it-girl brand of the year.


4. Réalisation Par


Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot founded the dreamy brand known as Realisation Par in 2015. With their mantra of creating a brand that “represents the best of all of us, of all women,” the duo have made their mark on the fashion industry, and their pieces can be found on everyone from instagram style influencers like Devon Lee Carlson to runway models like Kaia Gerber.