3 Ways to Workout Without Going to the Gym

Do you ever want to workout or just do something active, but you just don't want to drive or walk over to the gym? I know this happens to me all the time, so I am here to share a few of my solutions to that problem! There are so many different ways you can workout at home or in your dorm.



Tabata is an online workout course that has many different workout videos that can be found on Youtube. It provides you with many different video lengths, specific workouts, and personal trainers to go through the workout with you. Most of them are about 30 minutes long, which is great, especially if you just want to get in a quick workout into your busy schedule. Their workouts resemble actual group workout classes, which are just as intense, difficult, and fun! They will really get you sweating and working on those muscles!

Nike Training

The Nike Training App is free and can be easily downloaded on your phone or tablet. It gives you suggested workouts that are best for your workout intensity level. This app allows you to make your own workout plan based on what you hope to accomplish through your workouts. For example, you have choices of specific groups like startup, lean fit, or bodyweight only. These plans give you a weekly workout schedule, which includes step by step exercises to do on your own. You can also just do 20-30 minute guided workouts with step by step exercises. This is a fun and super easy way to workout!



Yoga or Strength Exercises

Finally, if you are just in the mood for your own quick workout, there are many different workouts you can create yourself! You can do some simple yoga poses, just to get your muscles working and getting a nice stretch in. Another, option is choosing some of your favorite exercises that you have done with no equipment or just simply with a mat. They can be strength training, cardio, or stretching. All of these can be done with a yoga mat (if you have one) or even just a towel on the floor!

I hope some of these ideas sparked an interest or some motivation to try them and get active!