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3 Tips to Overcome the “Sophomore Slump”


Does anyone ever really know what to expect for a new school year? Well, certainly I didn’t know what I was in for. After having the most amazing freshman year experience, there was one daunting fear that lingered in the back of my head: what if this year isn’t as amazing as last? Before I knew it, this lingering fear became a temporary reality and I was miserable. My mindset couldn’t even give this year a chance before the school year really got started. And then suddenly, I realized what the problem was: I was experiencing the Sophomore Slump.


While the Sophomore Slump can affect everyone differently (or even not at all), I define it as the aftershock of freshman year where you feel out of place because you have moved up in the academic, social, and professional world. Now that you are no longer the youngest class on campus, you are expected to pick up right where you left off after a four-month hiatus from everything college. But not only are you back on the school grind, but you are expected to be one step closer towards reaching your goals for graduation. Needless to say, it is absolutely TERRIFYING and you feel like you are drowning without a life jacket. But luckily for you, I have three tips on how to survive the raging storm that is the Sophomore Slump:


Listen to Your Needs



In times of crisis, you are the only one who truly knows what you need. This is why the Sophomore Slump can feel so terrifying; because when you are not feeling like yourself, how the hell are you supposed to know what you need? Well, the answer to that question is what you need will always be available to you. A strong support system of friends and family, a good night’s rest, or even a fresh breakfast to start off your day are some of the many options you have to replenish your mental appetite that can tend to be overworked at the beginning of the school year. Be sure to check in and see how you can use what is available to not only survive the Sophomore Slump, but thrive.


Speak with Your Academic Advisor


Colleges and universities really know what they are doing when it comes to picking the skilled professionals they hire to advise their students. I mean, our school tuition has to go towards SOMETHING useful am I right?! Well, I might be biased, but my academic advisor makes that big number worth every single penny, and that is how it should be. Whether you meet with your academic advisor on a bi-weekly basis or have no clue where their office is, I highly encourage you to find time to meet with them. They are an incredible resource for not only academic concerns, but also life concerns, and have so much advice to give on how to confront your Sophomore Slump if you seek them out. And really, why wouldn’t you want to get the biggest bang for your buck when college is a lifetime investment? That’s the tea ladies!


Recharge in a Positive Space


While you may not realize it, your living space has a huge impact on your Sophomore Slump. Your room is meant to sustain the mental and physical impacts you experience on a daily basis, meaning that it should pick you up when you’re feeling down, up, and everything in between. And if your living space is cluttered, dirty, or lacking decorations that make you feel at home, then you are going to want to be going back to your bedroom in your parent’s home. And since college is a place where you want to progress as a person, you don’t want to ever feel like you would rather go back to living in your high school years (yikes). That is why you must treat your living space as a sanctuary where you can recharge, rest, and relax in order to buffer all of the emotions that come with the Sophomore Slump.  Be sure to keep your space filled with pictures, quotes, and decorations that motivate you to start each day because you can and will overcome the Sophomore Slump with these three tips!


Natalie Farrell is a Senior at Loyola Marymount  University pursuing a double degree in Dance and Communications Studies. Along with being the President of HCLMU, Natalie was a Talent Management Intern for an entertainment agency and stylist for Free People. She is interested in the fine and performing arts indstury, journalism, and health and wellness space. Explore her porfolio below.
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