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10 Holiday Candle Scents + Brands to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are just around the corner and nothing is better than spicing up your living space with a few of these holiday-scented candles! 

Bath and Body Works Holiday Candles

Let’s get this one out of the way. They are iconic for a reason. Accessible, affordable, well-designed, and they come in a whole bunch of scents. There’s sure to be something for everyone!

Nest Mini Holiday Candle Set

Nest makes a ton of candles that could be considered holiday scents, and they also make lots that are pretty insanely priced. Check out a set of some of their most popular, limited edition holiday scents in a mini set that includes Birchwood Pine, Holiday, and Blue Cypress & Snow.

Otherland Gilded Collection

Otherland’s limited edition Gilded Collection has a scent for every aspect of the holiday season. From Christmas trees to cozy pajamas, there’s a scent for everyone. Not to mention Otherland’s packaging is an experience like no other, and you can build your own three-pack to save. 

Mala The Brand Holiday Bundle

Mala The Brand is a small, women-owned business that makes sustainable, hand-poured soy candles. Their whole collection is awesomely nuanced (even giving you the option to choose between wood and cotton wicks), but for the holiday season, they’ve released four new scents: peppermint cocoa, tobacco & vanilla, butterscotch, and mistletoe. You can purchase each individually, or check out their mini holiday set.

Dyad Candles

Dyad Candles has four classic scents: dark + stormy, smoke + mirrors, pins + needles, and wild + free. While none are technically holiday scents, each one centers around earthy notes, making them great for the cozy season.

Casa dell’Unknown’s Fumo di Pino

With notes of pine, juniper, cedarwood, bergamot, and incense, Fumo di Pino is a rich scent meant to recreate the feelings of Umbria, the “Green Heart of Italy.”

Boy Smells Holiday Votive Set

This holiday set from Boy Smells is a modern take on classic holiday scents. The mini-set includes Figurare (fig leaves, black pepper, lavender, cardamom, pepperwood, fir balsam), Broken Rosary (cedar, rose, cardamom, moss, cinnamon leaf, orris), and De Nîmes (almond, rhubarb, violet, ambergris, blueberry, juniper).

Capri Blue’s Fir & Firewood

This soy candle is housed in a beautifully textured green vessel with notes of apple, clove, fir, pine needle, white birch, cedar, vetiver, and musk. It’s sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

Sweet Water Decor Winter Candles

If you’re looking for variety, Sweet Water Decor is for you. Not only do they have tons of winter and holiday scents, each of their scents come in different vessel designs. So whatever your scent and visual aesthetics are, Sweet Water Decor will have something for you.

Diptyque’s Holiday 3-Piece Candle Set

The bougiest of the bougie, this candle set is for the luxury lover. Diptyque’s Holiday Candle Set includes three candles in colored jars speckled with real gold while each candle’s scent interprets its own aspect of the holiday season. Biscuit reflects the nostalgic scents of holiday baking, Sapin features notes mixing the freshness of pine with the coziness of the fireplace, and Flocon uniquely interprets the scent of snow.

Hopefully one of these options will speak to you and make your holidays this year all the more merrier!

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