The Reality Of Being An Underage Fresher

This time last year, I sat down to write one of the first articles that would start my journey as a journalist. It is amazing to realize that I can think back to that time and know that’s where it really all began. At 17 years of age, I started studying the course and profession that I had dreamed of and worked towards my whole life.

One year on, I have no regrets having started college so young. For me, it was never something I was concerned with. I felt I was on par with my peers in school, despite any slight age gaps. I always knew what I wanted to pursue in college and felt I might as well start the rest of my life as soon as I could. There was nothing or no one who could have persuaded me differently. Thankfully, college is a place that takes all ages, ethnicities, orientations and religions.

It genuinely confuses me when people are in disbelief that I went to college at 17; if transition year didn’t exist nowadays, it would be the norm. I was constantly told that I would probably struggle in first year due to being so young. People said that I would have difficulty in taking on the independence with not only going to college, but moving away to do my studies as well. However, I am living to tell the tale that I passed all my exams and managed to cook myself pasta successfully for the extent of the year.

The full extent of my social life was put on hold until I turned 18 of course; which wasn't a huge issue as I didn't drink anyway and showed little interest in nightclubs at that time. That's not to say I was an angel without a fake I.D., there are ways around everything and trust me, I found them.  When the time eventually came, I got to celebrate my 18th  birthday with all the friends I met in college and I couldn't have wished for a better memory of it than that.

I went to college like most others to study my course, and if one’s main concern is that they won’t be served in the off-license or allowed entry into one of the clubs in town then they may possibly want to re-evaluate their whole decision of going to college in the first place. Priorities, people.

To anyone starting college at what appears as a young age, you will be just fine - you know yourself if you are capable. Angel Lane will still be there when you turn 18, do not worry. You have a whole life ahead of you of being an adult, enjoy the status of youth for as long as you can. As a write this, freshers week of my second year has just finished up in UL. Just like last year, I didn't participate and join in with the partying and I sometimes wish I had the excuse of still being underage as an explanation for opting out of the socializing. The grass is always greener on the other side.