How To Register To Vote

The closing date for the register of electors is the 25th of November so here is some key information about registering to vote and why you should!

Where can I register?

You can download a form at and fill it in. Once you’ve filled it in the form must be brought to a local authority (aka. a council building)

How do I know if I am registered?

This is important because sometimes you may think you’re registered but you aren't. Again, go to, it's quick and easy to check by entering you details there.

If I miss the 25th of November deadline can I still register to vote?

You can register to vote up to 14 days before a referendum but will have to bring in an amended form which can be gotten from the website mentioned above. This being said, it’s a better idea to be registered as early as possible to avoid complications.

Why should I register to vote?

There are many important referenda coming in the next year or two on the 8th amendment, blasphemy, lowering the voting age and the place of the woman in the home. This Irish Times article has some information on the referendums planned in the next few years. As well as that, the things you vote on are going to have an effect on you and your future, whether you think they will or not. So get educated on the issues being brought forward, use your voice and your vote - you have the opportunity to make your own decisions about your own future, so why waste it?

More information on registering to vote can be found on