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‘Vogue Arabia’ Debuts with Gigi Hadid Gracing the First Cover

The 21 year old supermodel just took another big leap in her modeling career, and it also has a personal meaning.

Gigi Hadid covers Vogue Arabia’s very first issue, embracing her Palestinian roots while posing in a beautiful jewel-embroidered veil. The model was chosen by Vogue Arabia editor-in-chief and Saudi Princess, Deena Aljuhani Abdilaziz. “The collage of countries across the Arab world are long-deserving of a place in fashion history”, said the royal, further adding that “there’s no better first ‘face’ to lead the charge for Vogue Arabia than Gigi, a model who defines tomorrow’s entrepreneurial and dynamic generation.”

Vogue’s 22nd International edition, Vogue Arabia launched online this Fall but yesterday marked the first debut of its first ever print issue. For those of you who don’t already know, Gigi is the daughter of Palestinian-American real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and Dutch-born American former model Yolanda Hadid.

“I think the beautiful thing about there being International Vogues is that, as a fashion community, we are able to celebrate, and share with the world, different cultures,” Hadid said.

Two different editions of the magazine’s first issue have been produced- one in English and one in Arabic. Different images of Hadid in a sequined headscarf feature on the two covers. This also marks a personal landmark for Hadid, as it is her 21st Vogue cover. She continues to make her way near the record held by Lauren Hutton with 26 covers, and was quoted as saying on The Ellen DeGeneres show in February that she “wouldn’t complain” if she were to land a 27th. At this rate, she’s certainly on her way.

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